» » Basilica of Jesus the Adolescent (2017)

Short summary

Holy Places is once again in Nazareth, and decided to take you visit a very special church: the Basilica of Jesus the Adolescent also called the Salesian Church. Holy Places has already showed you Nazareth, with its churches, its source, and its monasteries. Today is a very different church that we offer you to discover. The Basilica of Jesus The Adolescent or The Salesian Church is a Catholic Church of Nazareth belonging to the Salesians of Don Bosco. You can see it from the city center and it is visible from afar. There are many churches in Nazareth, but none are more beautiful than this one. In Gothic style, the church was built between 1906 and 1923, on a high hill west of the city. This hill is called "Mount of the Start", and according to the Christian tradition, Jesus spent his youth there. After Herod's death, Jesus and his parents, then exiled to Egypt, return to Nazareth, and from there Jesus becomes: Jesus of Nazareth. He lived there until his majority. So we can ask ...

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