» » Bonding (2016)

Short summary

FLYNN is living in a dorm at his university campus town. At a young age, Flynn's parents divorced. He grew up beside his mother but never really spend time with his father. His Father, BRIAN is a famous and hardworking lawyer who worked since he was a teenager. He never had the time to take his mind away from his job and he never saw Flynn grow up. Brian realized that years are flying by and decided to invite Flynn on a Father and Son trip. Flynn knows that his friends are all going to a party, but he still decided to accept his father idea of spending time together. After all, Flynn got excited to leave on a trip with his absent father. On the way to their destination, Flynn remembered the reason why he never spends time with his father, because of his attitude. Flynn is disappointed and upset of his choice to join his father on this trip; the confrontation with his father is inevitable. On the road, Brian's car breaks down and forces them to camp the night on the middle of the ...

Credited cast:
Jack Kalian Jack Kalian - Flynn
Kevin Masterson Kevin Masterson - Brian
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