» » Rosie Arresting Gordon by Instalments (1977–1981)

Short summary

After baiting Engelbert Wilmot and Rosie head for the Freezipops ice cream shop where Wilmot's attempts to charm salesgirl Nova predictably fail. Then they are called out to a disturbance when the enormous Gordon,on a bender after his wife has left him,has debagged Engelbert and locked him in a bedroom. Rosie and Wilmot eventually catch up with Gordon but not before they have rescued Engelbert. Unfortunately for him a ladies' luncheon group is on a visit to the station and get more than they bargained for when he steps,trouserless,out of the car.

Episode complete credited cast:
Paul Greenwood Paul Greenwood - PC Michael 'Rosie' Penrose
Tony Haygarth Tony Haygarth - PC Wilmot
Penny Leatherbarrow Penny Leatherbarrow - WPC Brenda Whatmough
Paul Luty Paul Luty - Chief Inspector Dunwoody
Albert Shepherd Albert Shepherd - 'Englebert'
Liz Goulding Liz Goulding - Renata
Patricia Kneale Patricia Kneale - Millie Penrose
Lorraine Peters Lorraine Peters - Aunt Ida
Dan Meaden Dan Meaden - Gordon
Jackie Downey Jackie Downey - Nova
Elizabeth Benson Elizabeth Benson - Chairperson
Jean Marlow Jean Marlow - Lady
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