» » Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (2014)

Short summary

The Rebel Alliance has grown following the death of Starkiller and Vader hatches an evil plan to destroy them by reinventing their founder, after the plan backfires, Vader enlists the service of a bounty hunter.

This non profit fan-film incorporates scenes from the graphic novel as the video game was too short to make a feature length film.

Made in a single bedroom using toys, models and actors that were filmed separately.

Many of the voice overs are done by the director.

Cast overview:
Joe Duffy Joe Duffy - Starkiller
Carolyn Kelly Carolyn Kelly - Juno Eclipse
George Nicholson-Sibley George Nicholson-Sibley - Rahm Kota
Alex Beston Alex Beston - Darth Vader
Andy McAdam Andy McAdam - Boba Fett
David Graham Ward David Graham Ward - The Baron
Eve Kristina Eve Kristina - Princess Leia
Shaun Robertson Shaun Robertson - Proxy (voice)
Patrycja Robertson Patrycja Robertson - Xasha (voice)
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