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Isaac, a half-demon, tracks down the forces of wickedness and evil in a world where the rapture has already occurred. Hot on the trail of a demon called Moloch, Isaac finds that the demon and its human allies are closing in on an ancient book that could turn the tide of war in their favour. To avenge the murder of his father and protect what's left of the world, Isaac will get the book at any cost.

Series cast summary:
Dave Thompson Dave Thompson - Isaac 1 episode
Courtney Bonshor Courtney Bonshor - Presidential Lust Baby number 2 1 episode
Darryl Brousseau Darryl Brousseau - Homeless man number 2 1 episode
Aurora Chan Aurora Chan - Lust Baby 1 episode
Bryan Garces Bryan Garces - Homeless man number 1 1 episode
Renee Langelier Renee Langelier - Lust baby number 3 1 episode
Trevor Lerner Trevor Lerner - Demon Thug 1 episode
Jessica Livingstone Jessica Livingstone - Lust baby number 4 1 episode
Melody Mangler Melody Mangler - Lust baby number 2 1 episode
Ron Wear Ron Wear - Senator Bradley 1 episode
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