» » Batman: Abyss Mind Cave (2013– )

Short summary

In the second episode of this new animated Batman series, our hero retreats to his cave to examine forensics that soon prove more taunt than testimony. But it's not the innocent blood spilt during Zsasz's episode one rampage that vexes the Dark Knight; rather, Zsasz's blood itself is the provocation. The chemical compounds Batman discovers therein reveal Zsasz to be a mere pawn to a pair of villains, his blood delivering their calling cards: Scarecrow beckons in the form of a more potent version of his old fear toxin, while Riddler demands attention with trace amounts of a new fear toxin antidote, found only in the bloody question mark etched into Zsazs's hand. Add an anagram into the mix, and Batman once again finds that detective skills can solve a riddle and yet resolve nothing. He now anticipates the involvement of a third formidable accomplice-one that often blurs the line between friend and foe. Which is she this time? Questions destabilize answers, and Batman tumbles further ...

Episode cast overview:
Coulter Rail Coulter Rail - Batman / Commissioner Gordon
Joel Morales Joel Morales - Alfred
Josh Hutcheson Josh Hutcheson - Lucius Fox
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