» » The Workman's Cache (2015)

Short summary

"The Workman's Cache": A comedic short film about reality, expectation, dreams, and of course, a pair of retro 3D glasses.
Brian spends most of his life in a 2X2 desk space. On what appears to be just another draining day at the office, he comes in contact with a pair of old-fashioned 3D glasses. Upon putting them on, Brian is instantly transported to other times and places. He relishes in the experiences, until one becomes all to real...

Credited cast:
Stuart Berg Stuart Berg - Janitor
Ayushi Chhabra Ayushi Chhabra - Sylvia
Greg Couet Greg Couet - George
Aundre Dean Aundre Dean - James
Marty Dew Marty Dew - Brian
Mai Linh Mai Linh - Anna
Nicola Plowman Nicola Plowman - Millie
Arben Selimi Arben Selimi - Boss
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