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Award winning animated series based on the books by Jane Hissey. The toys in the playroom remember that Old Bear disappeared long ago, they find him in the loft and bring him back to the playroom where they listen to his stories.

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    • Author: Zetadda
    I used to watch this show when i was a kid, but i only rediscovered it recently when they started showing it on Channel 5. It is a truly wonderful show that makes you feel warm inside every time you watch. It follows the story of a group of living toys who have adventures inside a house. A pretty simple and familiar premise, certainly, but when you take into account that this show was made in the early 90s even before Toy Story, you can see how Old Bear Stories has been influential. I'm sure there was a book that predated the TV show as well.

    Filled with some great characters (Old bear, the extremely cute little bear, bramble, dog and zebra) and the greatest TV theme of all time (the line "sit in your favourite chair" still always makes me laugh for some reason) it is an absolute joy to watch, and with each episode only ten minutes in length, it never outstays its welcome. Most of the stories involve the toys being annoyed at not being able to do something (e.g. win a race, grow an apple tree) and they usually find some amusing way around the problem. It is always enjoyable to see how they misunderstand things from the real world, and change them to suit the toy world. Also of note is the animation, which is neither cartoon nor puppets, but sort of stop-motion with real toys and it works really well, giving a real lifelike feel to it that other shows don't have.

    So make sure you catch this show, showing on Channel 5 over Christmas 2004 at 6:30am on weekdays. It's great.
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    • Author: MisterQweene
    I used to adore the stories by Jane Hissey, and I loved this show when I was little. I have started watching it again, and I am so happy I have found it again. This programme is just brilliant, and true to the stories. It looks inviting, the music is great, the stories are well written without being too complicated and Anton's narration is just perfect. Then there are the characters- the wise Old Bear, cute Little Bear, mischievous Rabbit, kind Bramwell and ever lovable Duck. There are so many standout episodes like Little Bear getting lost, the other toys trying to get Old Bear down from the attic and the toys at the circus. I love this programme and will show it to my kids. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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    • Author: Sat
    Old Bear Stories, when I was young, used to be a small highlight of my television childhood. Every episode there was something new, funny or interesting happening to the characters. Anton Rodgers as Narrator and voices of the characters was just perfect. Some of the very good characters were obviously Old Bear himself. There was also Little Bear with his big red trousers, Duck. My favourite though was the sometimes mischievous and lovable Rabbit. The first episode I remember is when Little Bear tries to get into the attic to explore it. But one of the funniest and most lovable episode was when Rabbit pretended to have Chicken Pox when he didn't want to paint the gate. Very good for kids!
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    Anton Rodgers Anton Rodgers - Narrator 18 episodes, 1993-1994
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