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Real estate agents Tarek and Christina flip houses in Southern California by purchasing old homes in need of TLC and renovating them to perfection. The couple re-sells the houses for a profit, breaks even, or loses money. Follow the flips from purchase through re-sell, and provides the viewer with all of the information in-between.

The couple had to take a year off due to Tarek having thyroid cancer. A viewer called and said he needed to check the mass on his neck, and that's how he was diagnosed.

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    • Author: Kann
    I have built houses and in the past few years I have flipped houses. To think a couple who know nothing can buy distressed properties and hire contractors to do all of the the work, and still make thousands on every property is ludicrous. Anyone with experience in the industry can see through this sham. Most viewers can see through it even though they have no experience but have critical thinking skills. What this show does is to make ignorant people think they can make a living flipping houses with no experience in building or renovating. I make good money doing renovations,but I do the work myself. I still have properties that cost more than anticipated and the margin of profit is insignificant. This show makes me cringe. You don't drive around in an Escalade protecting your manicured nails in this business. They are making money on the show and deceiving people to think that they make a living on the properties. It is a total crock.
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    • Author: Ahieones
    Unlike the show Fixer Upper, where Chip and Joanna have real interaction, great ideas, and genuine chemistry, Christina and Tarek offer nothing at all. I find Christina totally plastic. I cannot believe the mindless comments she makes. Even worse, with the 2015 season there is MORE of a focus on her, she speaks and participates more in the renovation process, that is, we see a lot more of her. But this is not good because she still has nothing to say, no good ideas, nothing but trite comments. Her delivery is totally awkward. I am quite surprised to see this show is still on the air. They often seem very naive in their choice of house, asking price, and scope of renovation.I don't watch the show any longer.
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    • Author: Cordantrius
    This show promises something it doesn't deliver: a struggling couple, stung by the real estate market downturn, putting their entire life savings into flipping houses. "Will they make it?" seems to be the premise of these attractive Southern Californians' dramatic narrative. Instead, what we get is a vacuous couple cavorting around in their Escalade picking up distressed properties with someone else's money, bringing in their contractor to slather them with taupe walls, laminate floors, granite counters and vinyl windows; staging them with fake plants and Best Western-quality furnishings, and always making a handsome profit. OC Register reports they make 10K an episode, 13 episodes a year, so they're doing fine. And Tarek reports that they've never NOT turned a profit and that they're now doing between 80 and 100 flips a year. So what you have are two pretty people playing with other people's money, doing lowest-common-denominator flips, and always making a profit. There is no "there" there. They lack the talent and taste of Nicole Curtis of Rehab Addict, the soul and historic sensitivity (and keen eyes) of the Gaines family in Fixer-Upper, or the heart of the flippers in Flip It to Win It, who are working to fund charitable projects or family reunification's. You're left with two people who seem not that excited to be doing what they are doing, don't do the hard work, and inevitably reap the profit. That seems to be the only raison d'etre for the show.
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    • Author: Rrinel
    OK, I'm not from SoCal so Christina's SoCal accent is pretty annoying. She swallows her vowels and talks like a ditsy "Valley Girl". They both sound like they are reading from a script or from cue cards. She is constantly playing with her hair and walks like she is modeling for a magazine or video.

    With that said, the issues they run into are very real. The costs to fix the issues seem right on. Somehow, though, they always make a profit on this and always win the auctions. That isn't real.

    Aren't we watching this show to experience the ups and downs of flipping houses? Shouldn't there be more drama? They get along well which is nice but it always turns out OK. Life never turns out OK all the time.
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    • Author: Dukinos
    This show is awful. Tarek and Christina are the most uneducated house flippers I have ever seen. How did they get their own show??? Here are some of the central problem with Flip or Flop: 1. Tarek and Christina ALWAYS underestimate the cost of a rehab. Not sure exactly how many homes they have flipped, but even I can guesstimate the cost of a new roof. I can also assume that an older abandoned house will have problems that can't be seen at first glance. 2. Their finished homes look cheap and tacky - always dark cabinets and orangey beige tile on everything. The 90's called and they want their kitchens back. And everyone hates laminate floors. Because of this the "after" reveal is always underwhelming. 3. Why is Christina always wearing skimpy workout clothes with full hair and troweled-on makeup??? Did she always just leave the set of an 80's aerobics video? And tarek with the flip flops-put on some actual shoes! Ugh. I love HGTV but I wish this show would just go away.
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    • Author: Bolanim
    I have watched Fixer Upper repeatedly, re-runs and never get enough. Flip or Flop is so staged, so fake and her voice is like fingernails on a blackboard. Tonight is back to back Flip of Flop so I flip to another channel... Chip and Joanna Gains are fun to watch, they're every day people. Joanna doesn't try to look perfect, she's in her ball cap much of the time where Christina dresses as if "look at me"... You can tell she dresses for the camera and her acting skills are not the best. It's not interesting, it's the same show. If you've seen one you've seen them all. Property Brothers is also a good one. Love it or List it.... I enjoy and I hope they replace this Flip of Flop show soon with more Fixer Upper shows.
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    • Author: Fawrindhga
    This couple apparently has now completed a hundred flips or more of similar size and complexity. Yet, on EVERY HOUSE, they go over budget and over the time estimate. And not by a little, but by a huge amount. No contingency of any kind is ever factored into their estimates. Ridiculous and just speaks to their level of incompetence. And if I hear "what?" one more time, I think I'll scream. Interesting that Chip and Joanna on Fixer Upper as well as Drew and Jonathan on Property Brothers don't seem to have these issues. I suppose when you're dealing with clients, you feel a sense of responsibility to plan and execute your work more sensibly and to factor in some unknowns. This couple, however, is so beyond realism it makes me laugh. Every house looks the same; every house is over priced. I seriously question the quality of their work as well. It would be interesting to go back a year later and see what problems the new homeowners have encountered.
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    • Author: Skrimpak
    I love watching DIY and renovation shows to see before and after results. This show isn't bad. I understand some of the fake drama that is added to gain interest in viewers. I don't believe the auctions. It seems very staged by not so experienced actors. I have to say though, the thing that irritates me the most about this show is Christina. She has the personality of a zombie. When she is talking to the camera, it's very monotone and very valley girl like. For goodness sake, please pronounce your G's! Also, why on earth would you wear high heels and makeup to a demolition? The amount of mascara makes me cringe every time. As a couple, Tarak and Christina seem very unemotional. There is no arguments, no tears, no raising voices, no hugging, no nothing. Flipping houses would be an emotional roller coaster! There is ZERO emotion in this show! It's all about the money. Oh and please stop whining about how much something costs when you drive around in your multiple luxury automobiles. I'm all about being able to reap the benefits of one's own work but don't complain about a few thousand more spent on a flip when it's evident that it's a drop in the bucket for you. Enough of the fake drama! Give us the raw drama! Give us some emotion people! Please Christina, for goodness sake stop talking like Kim Kardashian and pronounce those G's!
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    • Author: Damdyagab
    Just when you think reality fare can't get any worse, along comes HGTV's vacuous, despicable duo, whatshername and whatshisname, with the unwatchable "Flip or Flop". The premise is basic enough - two idiots buy houses, based upon their ability to flip them once fixed up. Not terribly exciting, but whatever. There's a market and audience for any type of "reality"-based idea and I'm sure this one's no better or worse than any other.

    The problem with this show is that its two hosts are so staggeringly one dimensional, empty headed and devoid of ANY personality or redeeming qualities whatsoever that the viewer is lulled to sleep before the first commercial break. Whatshername basically possesses two forms of expression: abject petulance and utter confusion, neither of which endears her to even the most remotely discriminating viewer. It's obvious that the dim bulb flickering inside her bleached cranium has never generated anything which could pass for an original thought or useful idea. Her standard response to virtually any "event" which transpires on the show involves a pout, a head tilt and zero helpful feedback. Every situation looks like it requires too much thought or labor for her to handle, hence the pouting.

    Whatshisname is only marginally better as he can at least be expected to express a semi- lucid thought on occasion. He, too, seems too ill-equipped to handle any sort of manual labor which might be required to improve the seemingly hapless lot into which he chooses to dump his investment.

    Sadly, shows like this tend to make it in spite of (or because of) their tragically unlikable "stars" and this one will probably fare similarly. Meanwhile, somewhere out there, a couple with talent, personality and intelligence is wasting away flipping soon-to-be condemned properties in Crapville, NJ while these two idiots get paid to flaunt their incompetence to a national audience.

    What a shame.
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    • Author: Munimand
    In the same way video shot containing failed offers and lost auctions would be edited out of the show, the show would gravitate towards footage containing the more complex and challenging flips because that will naturally bring more interesting content. When flipping houses, complexity and challenges usually result in a higher cost of repair so that should mean the net profit should be lower than one of their uneventful and unaired typical flips.

    But this is not what we see. Instead, in usual reality TV flipping drama, we have Ken and Barbie fretting about losing money only for the final minute to show they actually made $50-$100K. Every time. This simply cannot be true and here is why:

    In a number of shows they have mentioned that they have a number of other flips in progress simultaneously. The ones we see usually take 4-8 weeks to complete and net around $50-$100K. Also in a number of shows they try to make it sound as if they are stretched thin, borrow money from relatives, and act as if one unprofitable flip will force them into poverty. The only way this could be true is if they either lose money on houses we do not see or make a minimal amount on a typical flip. At any rate, I want to see that. I want to see why a house failed to flip profitably! I think that would be extremely educational and be a far more interesting show than one where we already know the ending!

    It's like watching an episode of Gilligan's Island where they have a chance on getting rescued. C'mon, even if the show was airing new you know they aren't getting rescued.

    I'm not some airhead socialist condemning someone their right to earn their profit, but I do want to see the truth in now successful these flips really are so that the faux financial drama that is put into the show at least feels real. The show where they asked Barbie's father for a $15,000 loan and then cut to break as we sat on the edge of our seats waiting to find how what happened is a bit much.
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    • Author: Celore
    These people are so fake and I want this off the air as soon as possible. These are the most expensive Flips that I have ever seen. Budget and materials unrealistic for all of their flips. They are always inappropriately dressed for demolition work. Contractors tell them anything and they say okay yes. Price doesn't matter because they will pay whatever $5k, 10K, 20K. Just say the number and they will pay--unreal for real. The dudes favorite line is, "just give me a ballpark figure off the top of your head". Will HGTV ever bring back the homeowner/fix it/repair it shows? Everything on their network is garbage IMO.
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    • Author: Velan
    I'm a fan of all things HGTV, flipping and even flopping. But this show is just cringeworthy. I wouldn't feel the need to write anything about it, except for that HGTV is my go-to channel when I feel like vegging out in front of the TV or sometimes falling asleep to it. ......EXCEPT when they have this ridiculous show on a marathon, I'll sadly move over to the DIY network every time. And it looks like I'm not alone.

    I'm almost offended at HGTV's move to showcase two people that appear to spend more time in hair & makeup than they do pursuing due diligence on home flipping. Not to personally knock them, but this couple has no chemistry, no personality, no talent for script reading, and no credibility. "These struggling RE Agents trying their hand at flipping after the RE crash" MY @SS!! Driving around Range Rovers and Cadillacs, flashing designer accessories and several wardrobe changes per episode. They clearly read off of scripted cards, I can read for myself HGTV, why don't you just do a closed caption show with no dummies? I'd prefer that. What is this nonsense you're trying to feed your viewers???

    I CANNOT stand to listen to the wife speak. She is not the example I want my children to watch on a home and garden network. Her rude judgemental comments about these "undesirable" million dollar homes is CRINGEWORTHY! Her vocabulary is elementary, at best. And she just comes off as cold, unapproachable and unkind. It's obvious she's taken criticism for her perceived persona by viewers and has made weak attempts to seem more "likable". It's not working, in fact, her fake smiling while she talks to the camera looks creepy, and desperate. I'm never gonna buy it HGTV, please just take them off the air. Replace them with Fixer Upper! THAT is a valuable show with charisma, personality and genuine charm.
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    • Author: Fomand
    Why wouldn't these people take on the expense of hiring an inspector to check these homes before closing day? Wouldn't they compare estimates for the work? Order wholesale materials? They blindly follow their contractor into one money pit after the next. Every project goes over budget (their budgets are always some arbitrary number) and you never see them trying to find good solutions to their financial problems. They make one irresponsible decision after the next. The show is completely unrealistic and the stars seem like amateurs. No one can be this stupid in real life. What low life would ask his mother to re-mortgage her own home for a loan....?

    It doesn't seem like they've taken any educated risks. I'm surprised HGTV would give this ignoramus and his wife their own show.
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    • Author: Gerceytone
    This show is so fake. Like the one episode where there was someone living in the house. Hahaha. As if! They already set up all the cameras in the house and outside the house giving different views and they missed the guy camping out in the one bedroom? Hahaha.

    The show is painful to watch. I love seeing before and afters and that's the only reason I have sat through some of the episodes. But because it's so hard to watch the awkward way they act, especially the female, I get sick and have to fast forward to the end where I can see the final after.

    The people who go through the house at the end "acting" as potential purchasers are so fake too.

    The script/writing is terrible!

    The camera work is good.

    The designs are nice.

    So 2 stars for the above.

    But otherwise, what a terrible fake "renovation" show.
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    • Author: Scoreboard Bleeding
    Tarek getting upset when the contractor tells him the galvanized pipes are clogged. First of all any Flip that you expect to get 400,000 or better should get new plumbing when there are cheap galvanized pipes used. How can he look upset really pisses me off when if he was a reputable builder he would change out all those pipes as a matter of practice. Also the electrical panels same thing when they encounter crap. Yet he always has to appear coming to the conclusion to replace kicking and screaming about his budget. And reputable. So if you want to educate people in renovations at least present a proper way to do it.
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    • Author: Stick
    I find this show really annoying.

    Christina and Tariq are a couple of whiners who complain constantly about everything. Life is just so hard on them. The houses they pick are either full of cockroaches, toilets filled with cement, expensive projects or are complete wrecks. And at the last minute, the pool (a California must have) is usually a mess, full of putrid, stagnant water, or moldy and needing a new pump, tiles fixed, etc. What do they expect when they have just bought a house at auction. They drive around in a Cadillac, but always see themselves as long suffering victims. They bring in their contractors who do all of the work but have to borrow the money for the flip from the always critical and threatening investor.

    I have to compare them with Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper who are always excited and enthusiastic about the homes they work with. Their program is a delight to watch because of all the positive energy they bring to their projects. I will never watch Flip or Flop again. I gave it a go but not anymore.
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    • Author: Goltikree
    I was subjected to a marathon of Flip or Flop in the hospital, and after the 9th show I just could not take it any longer.

    This show is a prime example of sheep remodeling for profit - disregarding ethics and building styles completely. The worst episode yet was to watch a beautiful mid-century modern house to go from beautiful potential to cheap at best Walmart outlet quality. What made this episode the worst was that this clueless couple actually visited a beautifully restored mid-century modern house owned by a Realtor that gave great pointers that these house could go either way. Needless to say it went right over the couples heads, and they did everything what was said not to do. These clueless people ordered cheap tile flooring in the wrong color and then painted over the typically and beautiful wood surfaces that make mid-century modern homes so unique.

    Anyway - this show reminds me why European cultures often say that Americans have no taste. This sad show pictures one cheap remodel of clueless and tasteless hodgepodge of so called style after another. I am outraged that this couple is actually permitted on TV to demonstrate exactly what not to do.

    To the couple: please get an education about what you do, before you muck up more homes and neighborhoods.
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    • Author: Tamesya
    It's really hard to relate to the couple that make themselves seem like the average American couple with cash at hand to buy houses, from the trophy wife to the shady acting this show lacks credibility or interest, everything is staged and all works out in the end so there never ever really is a Flop going back to the credibility issue. The couple lacks chemistry and the wife seems useless in which the husband seems to do the majority of the work, where the wife just makes decisions after the husband did the blunt of the work, like deciding to spend more money on a bathroom to really "sell" the house- such a hard decision as her husband breaks his back getting the house ready . She seems to put more effort on her makeup than actually doing work, the show would be more interesting without her but I know the network picked this couple for a reason, sex sells.
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    • Author: Xinetan
    House flipping shows on TV are usually fun to watch, people buying houses in various states of disrepair and trying to make some easy cash. The reality, as everyone knows, is that flipping is a hit or miss business and you can just as easily lose your money as make any. The show Flip or Flop, however, is pure fantasy. Apparently two 20-somethings carry around hundreds of thousands of dollars in cashiers checks and buy houses to flip. It is obvious that they are playing with daddy's money and it is painful to watch. They make horrible decisions on what to buy and what work to put into houses but they somehow always make tens of thousands of dollars on every flip. Totally unrealistic and it is actually a dangerous way of convincing people that there is easy money to be made in flipping houses.
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    • Author: Styphe
    I stayed up one day and watched five or six of these episodes and I was not impressed in the least. Neither of the two hosts know a thing about flipping a house. The episodes get really annoying as you want to have a knowledgeable host tell you about the steps to making a broken down home beautiful again. Here we have two people on every single episode asking each other tons of questions they have no answers to "can we fix this, how do we make that happen" all the while a short time later they always ALWAYS have to ask the staff that is working for them for the answers. I understand HGTV wants more family oriented hosts but who the heck picked these people? Oh they look good so lets put them on TV even though they don't know a thing??? A TV program is paying two stooges actual money just because they look good on camera eventually im guessing thinking they will learn the ropes by asking tons of questions. I Don't want to watch a show where Myself and the TV host's have to learn along with me the entire time from a second hand source. Never once have they said anything intelligent about flipping a home. Worst show on HGTV in my opinion.
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    • Author: Xtani
    I enjoy watching this show but mainly because I live in Southern California where all these flips are being done so it appeals to me since it's close to home. I do agree with others that Christina's Valley Girl way of talking is incredibly annoying and I wish someone would encourage her to change it, if only for her daughter's sake. From what I can see on the show, she and Tarek are decent people, trying to earn a good living for their little girl and their relationship seems easy and comfortable. I'm glad that this couple get along rather than bicker and roll their eyes at each other on camera. They may seem fake to viewers but I think they're just being themselves and I like that they don't put on a big show. The formula is good in that respect. I don't like seeing them drive around in their status- symbol Escalade and I do get tired of how much make-up she wears. She's young and doesn't need it! Anyway, I think the renovations they make re very fun to watch but I doubt they're getting them done for the amounts they state, unless they receive deep discounts from the network or the sponsors. The most interesting thing about the show to me is seeing them fix up dilapidated houses in bad areas high in crime that sell for $400,000! That's the essence of SoCal! Most of the houses on this show are ridiculously overpriced and even renovated aren't worth half of what they sell for because the cities and neighborhoods are terrible places to live and usually only a few blocks away from gang lands.
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    • Author: Stan
    Love HGTV shows. Why oh Why is this show still on? If you believe what they are serving…then you need a reality check. They never Flop and when they do it is not really a flop, because they come out "breaking even". What Flip or Flop is telling folks: " if you flip like these two you will be rich". Don't you believe it or leave your day or night job. There is no way you can make that type of money off of Flips if you could, why build a house or be in Real Estate? The banks would love you because you would be buying all their inventories of Foreclosures. There would be no homes vacant or just sitting around waiting for someone to buy them. The show is just not real. I love the Brothers, Gaines, Tiny House, House Hunters and all the other programs. This show needs a reality check, if they want to connect to those who watch HGTV….I Know it's about the glitz and filling time, but please not this way. I really turn the station when you have a marathon on Flip or Flop, please up your game. Oh by the way , they both are good looking people ….so there i did say something nice
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    • Author: Vetitc
    We watch a typical spoiled prissy diva talking like a gay dude "oh my goooosh,ewww that's disgustiiiing" who overeacts when she sees dust or a cockroach and a mouse and her greedy money obsessed husband who talks money and properties even to his little daughter. The fat "L" and "R" of her accent make me nauseous. I don't mind Christina being all done up,I myself have fake boobs and im a model/athlete but im a handy woman, when I have a project I go all out sweaty and do the heavy lifting, so it would be more fun if the girl didn't worry about breaking a nail. Whats disturbing is their attitude and how spoiled they both are. I've met realtors like them, who value cosmetics on a piece of junk house just so that they can make more profit. They take run down houses with rickety foundation and major issues but all they care about is to make the design look "pretty" and appealing to the victim buyers who will be stuck with a polished covered up junk and a loan. What they sell is the "American dream" hence why the show always shows off their success. The dream is pretty much their luxury unwrinkled lifestyle (LV purses, always perfect nails and hair and different expensive cars in each episode) and the American nightmare of the persons who buy their overpriced properties. They spend a lot to make a bad house decent and then they have to sell it higher to make up for the loss. American houses are fake to begin with. My dad is a mathematician but he builds houses in Europe as a hobby, we rent some of our property, they're houses made of concrete, stone, real marble and bricks so I showed this show to him and he cringed at the poor constructions made of thin cheap wood, houses with no real foundation priced so high - in one episode they lift up the whole house lol. Same old box houses, sloppy work, add some bling, quick cash, some numbers on the screen and "time to find another house to flip" SMH.
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    • Author: Gaiauaco
    I think its a case where this show is like watching a train wreck in process. You don't remotely want to look at it, but somehow you can't tear your eyes away.

    This show has no heart. No emotion whatsoever. When you're dealing with homes, emotion is what connects people to the home-buying business. PERIOD.

    This show is about the money, and how much these people are making from each flip. Thats it, nothing else. The kind of example set by this couple is terrible. All you hear is them whining about how much its going to cost. No feelings, no connecting to people who come into their homes to see their work

    Given that Tarek had a major health scare recently - I would THINK that perhaps he might want to thank the gods at work for his life and what he has. I don't even want to start on the Barbie/Ken aspects of the hosts, and how much they made from a flip, which I don't for one minute believe they actually DID what they said they did. Soften this show up.

    I hope that these two read these reviews, and do something. The premise of the show is good - just doesn't have any substance to it
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    • Author: Rare
    I think many people have said it perfectly here. They are vapid, fake people at best.

    The show is scripted so that even the most unassuming people can tell that it isn't real.

    Tarek and Christina both have voices that make you want to start jabbing sharp objects in your ears.

    In order to capture some of the charm of Fixer Upper, Tarek has started to act (and I mean act) like he is excited about demolition day. Every time you can tell that he is as excited about demolition day as a person would be about a full body cavity search.

    Neither of them have the slightest charm. It is obvious she hasn't designed one thing that goes into these homes and doesn't care that we know it. She does nothing to illicit any excitement.

    Don't waste your time. Just pray that TLC will wise up and put something better in this wretched show's place.
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