» » Thuis Episode #13.60 (1995– )

Short summary

Luc is somewhere out and gets a phone call. He gets good news and tells the person on the other side he's on his way to the firm, so no phone calls anymore. Luc asks Frank why he doesn't return his phone calls. Frank has enough of Luc and his lies. He tells him he's changed for the very worst lately and he's a nothing when it comes to being a father, a man and a brother. This doesn't go down well with Luc. Marie helps Leontien packing that evening when Lowieke has gone to Frank and Cois. The doorbell rings and without really thinking about it, Marie opens the door. Luc marches in and demands to see his son. He's very angry when he can't find him. Luc wants to know from Leontien where he is and tries to strangle her when she doesn't answer. Marie grabs a bottle of wine and hits Luc over the head with it. He goes down and is very groggy. Marie takes a pillow from the couch and holds it down over his face. Leontien helps her until Luc doesn't move anymore. Frank calls Simonne to asks ...

Episode credited cast:
Maya Albert Maya Albert - Aisha Fawzi
Janine Bischops Janine Bischops - Jenny Van Goethem-Verbeeck
Chris Boni Chris Boni - Yvette Backx
Raymond Bossaerts Raymond Bossaerts - Victor Corthout
Tineke Caels Tineke Caels - Dorien De Backer
Ronny Daelman Ronny Daelman - Sam Bastiaens
Karolien de Beck Karolien de Beck - Sandrine Verbeelen
Eline De Munck Eline De Munck - Amber Van Gistel
Noureddine Farihi Noureddine Farihi - Mo Fawzi
Pol Goossen Pol Goossen - Frank Bomans
Steph Goossens Steph Goossens - Cois Pelkmans
Marijke Hofkens Marijke Hofkens - Leontien Bomans-Vercammen
Geert Hunaerts Geert Hunaerts - Peter Vlerick
Josip Koninckx Josip Koninckx - Franky Bomans
Marleen Merckx Marleen Merckx - Simonne Bomans-Backx
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