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Traumatized by Vietnam on both the political left and right, the U.S. withdraws troops and tries to deal with a polarizing, unpopular war's aftermath.

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    • Author: Iaiastta
    The presentation of 'Peace with Honor' is nice, but it's the subject matter that really proves dreary. It's a good episode and really shows the Vietnam war from a big picture standpoint - and just as previously, archival news footage is put to great use here and shades in the negative spaces left by the talking heads. But this makes it ever so clear why the '70s were such a dispiriting time for this country; the catastrophes of both Vietnam and Watergate just seemed to attack at the same time.

    It's a good piece on the matter, even if that story leaves an acrid taste.

  • Episode credited cast:
    Frank Blair Frank Blair - Himself - NBC News (archive footage)
    David Brinkley David Brinkley - Himself - NBC News (archive footage)
    Tom Brokaw Tom Brokaw - Himself - NBC News (archive footage)
    Hilary Brown Hilary Brown - Herself - ABC News (archive footage)
    Pat Buchanan Pat Buchanan - Himself - Senior Advisor to Pres. Nixon
    William Calley William Calley - Himself (archive footage)
    John Chancellor John Chancellor - Himself - NBC News (archive footage)
    Frank Church Frank Church - Himself (archive footage)
    Charles Collingwood Charles Collingwood - Himself - CBS News (archive sound)
    Walter Cronkite Walter Cronkite - Himself - CBS News (archive footage)
    Robert Dallek Robert Dallek - Himself - Author, 'Nixon and Kissinger'
    Jeremiah Denton Jeremiah Denton - Himself - Prisoner of War (archive footage)
    Bruce Dunning Bruce Dunning - Himself - CBS News (archive sound)
    Daniel Ellsberg Daniel Ellsberg - Himself - United States Military Analyst (archive footage)
    Gerald Ford Gerald Ford - Himself (archive footage)
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