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Short summary

(A)neethi is a tamil short film which portrays the suffering of Anbumugam ,a father who wants her daughter to reappear in the NEET examination(a medical entrance examination in India) .Since there is no equal education in India,a girl like Saritha must attend coaching classes(Private coaching classes for cracking Neet exam) for which she needs a huge amount of money.Saritha comes from a rural background scoring first class marks in the State Board examinations,which was earlier the eligibility to get into medical colleges.But Neet on the other hand is based fully on Central Board syllabus(cbse).Her father works as a driver to a upperclass lawyer to whom he asks help for.But he discriminates him and suggests his daughter to pursue labour work.But later Saritha,attempts suicide and rest is the story.( This film is slightly based on a true story of a girl called Anitha,who committed suicide because of her failure in the Neet examination.The death of the poor 17 year old girl Anitha ...

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