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A guy tries to weasel out of his late fees at the local video store only to discover the video store's database has access to intimate details of his past - and his future.
When a guy tries to weasel out of his late fees at the local independent video store, he encounters a counter clerk and the mean store manager with a weird computer that has access to the mundane and the embarrassing details of his life. His begins negotiating on non-negotiable consequences.

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Three-Fifty was produced by Power Hungry Productions, A sustainable production initiative. It was begun as a solar powered project. In the final sustainable summary: 12 hours pre-production were in solar powered building. Batteries, cell phones, coffee pot on set were powered by a solar charged marine battery.

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    • Author: interactive man
    I saw this recently at the 2007 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films and it received a big chuckle from the audience at it's screening. This is a comedy about a man (Evin Grensted) who is late with his DVD rental and when faced with a $3.50 late fee he tries to worm is way out of paying with the excuse that he brought it back on time to the after hours collection box. He's met with polite but unexpected severe repercussions by the store's clerk (Michael Angelo Stuno) and store manager (Melinda Augustina) for trying to skirt the late fee. Augustina is also the film's producer. Director/writer Maurice Chauvet is best known for his screenplay for the film Owning Mahowry. Barry Norwood photographs and Eric Grush edits. This is a wonderful comedy with great dialog and a lot of smart laughs. Chauvet and Augustinia were on hand for the film's screen for Q&A from the audience. Chauvet was inspired to write this by observing someone trying to get his late fee waved. I would give this an 8.5 out 10.
  • Cast overview:
    Evin Grensted Evin Grensted - Customer
    Michael Angelo Stuno Michael Angelo Stuno - Clerk
    Melinda Augustina Melinda Augustina - Manager
    Paul McKinney Paul McKinney - Clerk #2
    Iris Braydon Iris Braydon - Additional Customer
    Heather Long Heather Long - Additional Customer
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