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This is the Aussie version of River Cottage, it is all about sustainable farming.

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    • Author: Rexfire
    Tonight I have seen the second episode I caught by chance last week on SBS and was pleasantly surprise how fresh and entertaining it was. It's interesting to see the only comment I found here on it... One needs to live on a farm to understand how "reality" is real! Yes you breed and raise all sort of animals. Some you love very much, some it's only business but often the ending is the same. I remember in France at 15 saying 'goodbye' to Bijoux 'my' 1000kg horses, with a handful of 'blessed' oats, yes blessed by the village priest...But Bijoux had become obsolete with the birth and affordability of tractors! And Bijoux after a hard and long life of service was on his way to the butcher shop. Farmers needed a return, and the same went for dairy cows which milking condition was no more positive. "Paul" is charming in these episodes and has his hands in many ventures. The show is light hearted, funny involved with the surrounding community and seem very real.

    Tilba is a very pretty village in a very pretty area, It was a privilege to feel part of it during these episodes.

    I believe the cottage was sold in May this year...That's perhaps the only thing that is not real, TV - But if TV is not real farming, nonetheless it did its job to portrait real farming in a small window. And I loved it.
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    • Author: Sardleem
    I've just watched my first episode and actually l was very impressed. It was the one about butchering big boy and l thought it was done in a very balanced and honest way. I'm looking forward to seeing future edition's.
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    • Author: Riavay
    Not a bad show bit idealistic and simple but a good view of what really goes on. Don't worry about the above review. They obviously are vegan and don't understand working farms with livestock. Nice to get a whole community involved and all the differ things ppl do for each other in country Australia. His own live stock and food van were interesting also
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    • Author: Thetath
    Wow, I don't even know where to begin with how animals are treated on this show. It is absolutely psychopathic to spend months with animals and having them trust you only to end up killing them. This is supposed to be the best of the best of "humane" farms for the animals and yet it is still brutal. Horrific.

    There is so much that could be done on a farm - show us how to compost, show us more detail around how to grow different veggies, show us about soil and fertility, companion planting, water management - I could go on and on. As with most locavores, they are obsessed with killing and animal products. This shown is just another lost opportunity to show true and compassionate sustainability.
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