» » Graffito (2014)

Short summary

A revolutionary street graffiti artist in Chicago wages a war of aesthetics against the capitalists. Unexpected romance threatens to ruin the film.

Credited cast:
Mikel Patrick Avery Mikel Patrick Avery - Drums
Nora Best Nora Best - Flophouse Tenant 6
Derek Ryan Brummet Derek Ryan Brummet - Flophouse Tenant 9
Antonio Brunetti Antonio Brunetti - Graffito
Anthony Bruno Anthony Bruno - Alto Sax and Flute
Pascal Collin Pascal Collin - Alley Clown
Jay Cullen Jay Cullen - Flophouse Tenant 11
Gary Damico Gary Damico - Piano Man
Mitch de Mooij Mitch de Mooij - Beatbox Effects
Natalie DiCristofano Natalie DiCristofano - Veronica Masterson
Brittany Ellis Brittany Ellis - Lookout
Skye Fort Skye Fort - Flophouse Tenant 1
Michael Garvey Michael Garvey - Smiles
Mariana Gongora Mariana Gongora - Flophouse Tenant 8
Jordan Hoisington Jordan Hoisington - Agent Clunt
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