» » Дробилка The Curious Disappearance of Mr. Donovan (2015–2016)

Short summary

Stewart dismisses Dean's claims that Claire is sharing secrets with a rival firm; Debbie and Stewart try to get to the bottom of who tampered with their DVR.

The plot involves the possibility of a "mole" planted in the Sanderson law office. In Austin Powers in Goldständer (2002), the only prior film in which Fred Savage and Rob Lowe acted together, the idea of a mole being planted within Dr. Evil's organization was a continuing gag, with Savage having a large skin mole on his face.

Episode cast overview:
Rob Lowe Rob Lowe - Dean Sanderson
Fred Savage Fred Savage - Stewart Sanderson
Mary Elizabeth Ellis Mary Elizabeth Ellis - Debbie Sanderson
Natalie Morales Natalie Morales - Claire Lacoste
Hana Hayes Hana Hayes - Lizzie Sanderson
Connor Kalopsis Connor Kalopsis - Ethan Sanderson
William Devane William Devane - Dean Sanderson Sr.
Steve Little Steve Little - Todd
Will Greenberg Will Greenberg - Hugh Rozz
Matt Hobby Matt Hobby - Patt Landy
Melanie Liburd Melanie Liburd - Ivy Dexter
Dan Martin Dan Martin - Murph
Caryn Mower Caryn Mower - Client Mom
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