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Captain Anderson, while enjoying a furlough from his military duties suddenly receives a summons that requires his absence from home for a few days. The interruption is unpleasant to the little family of wife and child, for no other company to them is quite so dear as that of husband and father. The day following the captain's departure his wife receives an unexpected call from an old schoolmate. As may well be imagined the conversation naturally drifts to the good old school days when they were carefree girls together. During the visit the two ladies go for a walk, upon which they chance to meet two young men, whom they have known from former days and who are about to inspect a country home they had recently purchased together. The ladies are induced to accompany them. Arriving at the estate the merry four enjoy the beautiful surroundings, happy in the recollections of days gone by. The captain's wife with her companion, become separated from the other couple and stroll about the ...

Original German title is undetermined.

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    • Author: Capella
    A two-reel number in which an army officer's wife draws suspicion on herself by her flirtations with a former friend. The use of the camera by the husband and his subsequent request that she develop the incriminating negative was ingenious. Later he repulses her and she goes out to kill herself. He follows and saves her just as she is about to throw herself under a train. This number contains dramatic moments and is quite strongly presented. - The Moving Picture World, May 23, 1914
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