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Three psychotic assassins take up a job at a waiting room of a deserted railway Station. Will they finish the job or anything that can go wrong will go wrong?

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    • Author: Vijora
    It's time that the cult status of Bollywood as the only source of quality Hindi Cinema is being challenged by the new wave of independent filmmakers, who are passionately bringing out-of-the-box thinking and modern professionalism to the table. Here comes such a venture called STATION by critically recognized writer and director, Bangalore-based Saad Khan and the venture capitalist-turned-producer, Sumit Ghosh. The theme of Station – The Film focuses on crime and its consequences, spun in a riveting plot and characters driven by it. The story begins when a deal has to go down and three assassins have to take charge. The chosen action's hot spot is an abandoned railway Station which is 40 kilometers away from an unidentified town. However, Station is no run-of-the-mill story of a chase, encounters, and escapes – it is a complex game of three psychotic criminals on a murder trail and an individual's way through the maze of events. What transpires after the trio reaches the Station is going to be an interesting watch.

    From the Trailer, Station is about crime, lust, deceit, retaliation, exploring the darkest of human emotions. Saad Khan first shot to limelight with the screening of his short film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008. He brings the same energy into Station – The Film in the form of a well-paced and entertaining thriller. The bigger surprise comes from the all-new débutant cast, primarily from Bangalore. In most cases, it is hard to gauge that it is their first stint as actors. The performances of Kanika Batra, Siddhanth K.S., Sameer Kevin Roy, Hardik Sha, and Rahul Dev Shetty are particularly noteworthy.

    The makers have not left a stone unturned in putting their creativity on to celluloid. The RED MX camera has created the effect the crew wanted. In addition, the offbeat, characteristically refreshing background score in contemporary pop, rock, jazz, and metal adds an urban feel to the movie.

    Overall, Station is going to be a good refreshing watch - a film with a defined story line!
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    • Author: Vital Beast
    Well, so i watched this movie last night, which inevitably prompted me to write about it. So.. here we go!

    The narration style of this movie is so unique for a Hindi cinema that it continuously prompts you to think along with the story line. Most dialogues in the move point to a direction and leave it there, I assume intentionally.

    So, basically, throughout the 103 minutes, I was glued to the seat, completing the dialogues in my mind, as if I was an invisible part of the narrative and its sleek fast pace kept my heart racing. The background music has a distinct flavor of poised Bangalore weekend lifestyle.

    This movie makes you stop and think and un-think! There are no moral judgments in the story and most of the characters simply are what they are and embrace it fully. That I think is the most unique aspect of this movie.

    Do look out of the interesting storytelling in a deserted station among the three assassins, which is the real icing on the cake. It thrills and gives you a good laugh and I wish it could have lasted a bit longer! I would end by quoting a Zen story which I was reminded of during this movie, "Like this (filled) cup," Zen master said to a university professor visiting him, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"

    This movie is a welcome break from the typical bollywood and those movies that tend to abuse audience's intelligence completely.
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    • Author: SadLendy
    A Hindi feature film written and directed by Bangaloreans definitely made the city proud of the persons behind this movie and the success it has achieved.  Station put me at the edge of the seat throughout the movie due to the amazingly twisted storyline written by Saad Khan who also happens to be the director of this movie.  It mainly revolves around organized crime in the city and all the consequences behind their actions.    It is not your typical crime movie, but it depicts the darker side of criminals, mainly focusing on drugs, lust, lies and deceit. It concentrated more on the psychological aspect rather than the common chase and shoot, which was refreshing. The camera techniques used by the director gives the movie an edge and makes you feel the vindictiveness that the character carries around. Sameer Kevin Roy, Siddhanth Sundar, Kanika Batra, Rohiet Nair and Hardik Shah have done an amazing job in bringing out the true nature of their character, showing us that they have understood the concept perfectly and making us empathize with them. Overall, the movie is a gripping thriller which is definitely not your typical Bollywood movie, showcasing the talent that lies beyond the industry.
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    • Author: Nalaylewe
    Saad Khan has done an exceptional job in scripting and directing a crime thriller that is very fresh in its treatment, both film and film-making wise. Although there might be several flaws in the movie, but Station will grip you with its plot, narration style, realistic performances and really catchy background scores. It takes a lot of guts and patience to release an Indie movie without any Godfathers in the industry to support you. A big salute to Saad Khan for that. The actors, Sameer Kevin Roy, Hardik Sha, Anika Batra, and Siddhanth K.S., all do a fair job in keeping their characters rich and realistic, something that we don't see very often. Music by Jeet Singh is a pleasure to the ears and blends well with this dark twisted thriller. The negatives I felt was too much dependence on non-linear story telling and pacing. Also, I felt mass- media marketing would have allowed the movie ad campaign to penetrate deeply into public interest, which would have really boosted the effort. Station is the first Hindi movie to emerge out of the city of Bangalore. What I felt after watching the movie was that we've found a filmmaker who is very promising and one who tries to break some clichés in the industry, albeit there are some things in the movie that could have been avoided. If you haven't seen the movie yet, take time and watch it.
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    • Author: Rageseeker
    An amateurish attempt at story telling. Too gimmicky. Excessive violence, mindless portrayal of drug use. A story that had potential was reduced to a broken and not altogether coherent series of shots to give it a "thriller" effect. Unfortunately, it is a pathetic attempt for the Director to emulate Mr Tarantino. Editing is bad, shots that should appear later appear earlier, a whole sequence of conversation is repeated for no reason. Plot itself turns unrealistic and bizarre, a person is used as bait and beaten to death to give a red herring which prompts one of the killers to kill his master. Complex? Insane I would say. Clearly, the director lacks confidence in the actors, for conversation is kept to minimum and that too clichéd lines. The only long scene in the movie is the wait at the Station, that could have had a saving grace but the shots are disjoint and not merged well to show the tedious wait. Anyway, why wait an hour early from the appointed time? Only a series of gun shots speak repeatedly and a jarringly long background narration at the beginning and end. The end was comical, "crime never pays" is the moral?

    If I were a genuine film critic, I would have said that it appears that the Director has taken frequent snorts of cocaine throughout the movie and thinks that the audience are all shot in the head and brain dead. A complete waste of ticket money.
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    Kanika Batra Kanika Batra
    Gulshan Grover Gulshan Grover - Narrator (voice)
    Rohiet Nair Rohiet Nair
    Sameer Kevin Roy Sameer Kevin Roy
    Hardik Sha Hardik Sha
    Vivek Shah Vivek Shah
    Rahul Dev Shetty Rahul Dev Shetty
    Siddhanth Sundar Siddhanth Sundar
    Vibhinta Verma Vibhinta Verma
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