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French certificate: -13.

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    • Author: Brightcaster
    ... or a confused woman/man in the middle of an identity crisis! This wonderful comedy - it combines successfully the hilarious and the horrible - has nevertheless a strong underlying message of great seriousness: What matters is people, and their love for each other, and their strength to carry on. I've loved this film ever since I first saw it. It seems to be almost forgotten (except in Germany, where it still is a cult movie) - I am looking forward to the day when it will be released on video or DVD.
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    • Author: LeXXXuS
    This is one of my very favorite films and unforgettable to me. I tend to like movies about unusual lifestyles that work well and pose the question(to me): "Why should we be stuck with the 'nuclear family' model as the ideal?" It expands the limits. The movie flowed, it was sweet, the characters were engaging and the story engrossing. This movie has a French or European sensibility and I doubt that it would have been made in America and certainly not in the year of its release 1977. I would love to own it. Other movies of a similar nature were "Jules et Jim" & "Dona Herlinda & Her Son"(Mexican). Any info on how to obtain a VHS or DVD would be greatly appreciated.

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    • Author: Usic
    I've seen this film more than 20 years ago, but last night it came back to my memory. The movie made me feel good and raised the longing, for why are we so exclusive in our loves. why isn't it possible to accept the loves of our beloved ? Hence the title. The film gives a nostalgic feeling to such a life. First it shows how the marriage à trois works, than a second woman is introduced. One of the men falls in love with her. You think, that this will be the end for the love of the others. That he will leave with his new love, but then.....It evokes the dream, that this is a possible situation, but it also shows, that everybody wants one, unique love. It is contradictory, but charming.
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    • Author: ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
    Whenever I'm asked what is my favorite movie I always say this one, though I haven't seen it since the late 70's when I was 16. It played for a week or two in my mid-west town and I managed to see it 3 times, just overwhelmed with this concept of romance. I took a friend who'd probably never seen a subtitled movie - worried that she would think I was an nutty perv - but she "got it" and liked it too. Romantic love, affection and sex between 3 people, shown so casually and sweetly - I can't let go of it. I love to see that others have felt the same.

    I've looked for the movie on eBay and Amazon every year, but except for an out-of-print and expensive director's collection (in French format), no luck. Sigh.

    Though not about a trio, the Argentinian movie Plan B has some of the same sweetness that gets under your skin.
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    • Author: Cyregaehus
    Will it be able, to see this film again. Does anybody know, where there might be a copy or a digital release or something? I remember, the Film impressed me very much, when i saw it in the late seventy's, it even gave a new direction to my ethics, if i can say so with my medium bad English and i would very much like to see it again for i.e. just control, if i was correctly impressed that time. It seemed like a revolution, the promise of the possibility of love to more than one with the solution for so many not loved people, that are not loved because love is so restricted. Also maybe the way out of the 68 free love dilemma, cause this way love stays still romantic.
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    • Author: Malarad
    I've seldom been so mad that I wasn't in Cleveland.
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    • Author: FRAY
    I truly wish that I could find this on DVD. I saw it in the '90s in a cinema ta brings in rare, art, foreign, and cult films. There are some depressing and confusing moments in the film that only help to emphasize the humanity in the themes it confronts. This is a different kind of love film that deals with the reality of human nature and who we are as people, and the acceptance of that which is not normal. The film deals with the realities of polyamory in ways that I've never seen in any film or piece of literature, and it is moving in a surprising way. Not like the over-the-top reality shows of the modern era, this is people as they really are and shows us that it's those we love that mater most, and how there really can be enough love to go around.
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    • Author: Xwnaydan
    I'll never forget the night I went to the theater to watch it, once it was released in this country back in the late 1970's. I was living in a small community and remember that I felt like wearing a wig and dark sunglasses, in case I should meet somebody I knew. Well I didn't. I went with great anticipation that was met fully. It opened my eyes and prepared my mind to what a wonderful life that lay ahead of me. I was not to be disappointed. The movie is wonderful. My wish for the future is that it will run in the theaters again, as it has a story and a message to tell to people today, as it will have in the future. My wish is also that it will be released on DVD - soon.
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    • Author: Mogelv
    Some other comments have summarized the content of the film. For me the positive thinking about human relationships is at the core of this work. The film breaks free of conventional relationships and focuses on the love between people. Love comes to the most improbable people by being sensitive to the example set by the main figures of the plot. The most inspiring feature is the positive thinking. You go out of this film and you really ask yourself: Why not! Why not pay attention to the love that is searching you and that you may never have realized. I would love to own a DVD. A shame that it never got published outside cinemas. If it comes out I will definitely buy it. I did not know that it was shown in Germany.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Sami Frey Sami Frey - Fernand Bulard
    Christine Murillo Christine Murillo - Alexa, dite Alex
    Mario Gonzales Mario Gonzales - Louis
    Nicole Jamet Nicole Jamet - Sylvie
    Michel Aumont Michel Aumont - L'inspecteur Bricat
    Mathé Souverbie Mathé Souverbie - La mère de Sylvie
    Alain Salomon Alain Salomon - Roger
    Jacques Rispal Jacques Rispal - Le père de Louis
    Florence Brière Florence Brière
    Louise Chevalier Louise Chevalier - La mère de Louis
    Bernard Crombey Bernard Crombey - Le collègue de Roger (as Bernard Crombé)
    Denise Dax Denise Dax
    Dorothy Marchini Dorothy Marchini - L'américaine
    André Marcon André Marcon - Le nouveau mari de l'ex de Fernand
    Geneviève Mnich Geneviève Mnich - L'ex-femme de Fernand
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