» » Beauty and the Beast Nevermore (1987–1990)

Short summary

Vincent has begun his quest to find his son and makes his first move by revealing himself to Elliot. Meanwhile, Diana has become immersed into Catherine's life and soon discovers the entrance into the Tunnel World in the basement of Catherine's apartment building and Elliot discovers the role Moreno played in Catherine's death which leads to a confrontation resulting in Vincent being shot.

Episode cast overview:
Ron Perlman Ron Perlman - Vincent
Jo Anderson Jo Anderson - Diana Bennett
Roy Dotrice Roy Dotrice - Jacob 'Father' Wells
Jay Acovone Jay Acovone - Deputy D.A. Joe Maxwell
Edward Albert Edward Albert - Elliot Burch
Stephen McHattie Stephen McHattie - Gabriel
Stanley Kamel Stanley Kamel - George Walker
Bill Marcus Bill Marcus - D.A. John Moreno
Scott Wilkinson Scott Wilkinson - Burton Fitch (as M. Scott Wilkinson)
Richard Roundtree Richard Roundtree - Cleon Manning
Zachary Rosencrantz Zachary Rosencrantz - Zach
Mike Jolly Mike Jolly - Pierson
Patrick St. Esprit Patrick St. Esprit - Arvin Cates
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