» » Cribb The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1980–1981)

Cribb The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1980–1981) watch online HD

Cribb The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1980–1981) watch online HD
  • Original title:The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
  • Category:TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery
  • Released:1980–1981
  • Director:George Spenton-Foster
  • Actors:Alan Dobie,David Waller,William Simons
  • Writer:Peter Lovesey,Jacqueline Lovesey
  • Duration:1h 30min
  • Video type:TV Episode

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Short summary

After a pram containing Queen Victoria's grandson Prince Alexander accidentally rolls away and nearly collides with the monarch the nursemaid is sacked, creating a vacancy. The child's parents want young, progressive Miss Temple but the queen is in favour of her daughter's old nurse, Mrs. Innocent, an austere, gin-swigging old dragon. The child's father Prince Henry asks Cribb to investigate Mrs. Innocent, currently employed in caring for the 2 children of an eccentric composer, for proof of unsuitability through senility. Cribb investigates and finds that the pram was sabotaged in order to create a vacancy close to the Crown. The two candidates for the nursemaid position come under suspicion.

Episode complete credited cast:
Alan Dobie Alan Dobie - Sergeant Cribb
David Waller David Waller - Inspector Jowett
William Simons William Simons - Constable Thackeray
Rosalie Crutchley Rosalie Crutchley - Mrs. Innocent
Jessica Spencer Jessica Spencer - Queen Victoria
Irene Richard Irene Richard - Princess Beatrice
Scott Fredericks Scott Fredericks - Prince Henry
Nicholas Day Nicholas Day - Igor Ozolin
Sarah Neville Sarah Neville - Jane Temple
Virginia Denham Virginia Denham - Nurse Grant
Timothy Carlton Timothy Carlton - Supt. Wilmot
Aubrey Woods Aubrey Woods - Lord Caspar-Jones
Timothy Stark Timothy Stark - Huw Caspar-Jones
Francesca Gerrard Francesca Gerrard - Gwyneth Caspar-Jones
Jane Sherwin Jane Sherwin - Lady Mortimer
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