» » Crocodile Boy (2016)

Short summary

Crocodile Boy follows three retired sideshow acts - Edna (the Bearded Lady), Boris (the Strong Man), and Dragam (the Crocodile Boy). When Boris and Edna choose to move forward in their lives without Dragam, it is up to him to try to find where he belongs, but he finds that the world is as much of a circus to him as he is to us.

Cast overview:
Jett Salazar Jett Salazar - Dragam
Olan Montgomery Olan Montgomery - Boris
Brooke Hoover Brooke Hoover - Edna
Julie DeBellis Julie DeBellis - Karen
Vanessa Coelho Vanessa Coelho - Gretchen
Ben Curtis Ben Curtis - Adam
Carly Otte Carly Otte - Jenny
Jonathon Olivo Jonathon Olivo - Charlie
Troy Robert Troy Robert - Leo
Alyssa Potter Alyssa Potter - Katla
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