» » DARLING in the FRANXX What It Means to Connect (2018– )

Short summary

The parasites struggle to come to terms with Hiro being the one who piloted Strelizia. Even Hiro can't really believe it himself. Things come to a head when he's ordered to participate in a mock battle.

Episode credited cast:
Bryn Apprill Bryn Apprill - Miku (voice)
Tia Lynn Ballard Tia Lynn Ballard - Zero Two (voice) (as Tia Ballard)
Bryson Baugus Bryson Baugus - Mitsuru (voice)
Leah Clark Leah Clark - Ikuno (voice)
Ray Hurd Ray Hurd - Seven Sages (voice)
Brittney Karbowski Brittney Karbowski - Seven Sages (voice)
Brittany Lauda Brittany Lauda - Ichigo (voice)
Brian Mathis Brian Mathis - Vice Chief (voice)
Randy Pearlman Randy Pearlman - Seven Sages (voice)
Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds - Zorome (voice)
Aaron Roberts Aaron Roberts - Seven Sages (voice)
Michelle Rojas Michelle Rojas - Nana (voice)
Christopher Sabat Christopher Sabat - Chief (voice)
Blake Shepard Blake Shepard - Futoshi (voice)
Matt Shipman Matt Shipman - Hiro (voice)
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