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The Road to WrestleMania takes the superstars of RAW and Smackdown through the Elimination Chamber.

Sasha Banks & Bayley became first ever WWE Women's Tag Team Champions on this night.

Due to a number of legitimate injuries, Mustafa Ali was pulled from the Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship and replaced with Kofi Kingston.

This is the first co-branded or non-brand split WWE PPV since Hell in a Cell 2012 to not feature any one of the three members of The Shield in a match or in any capacity.

Second women's Elimination Chamber match.

First Elimination Chamber match for both Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton since 2014.

Ronda Rousey came to the ring dressed as Sonya Blade from the Mortal Kombat series, as she voices Sonya in MK11.

First tag team elimination chamber match since 2015, and second overall.

Elimination Chamber match debut for Samoa Joe.

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    • Author: Beanisend
    Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin was the match I was enthusiastic about most, but what happened makes me ask is there no way to keep it balanced? It was disappointing!

    When we take into account the elimination chamber match that took place among men, the first one to enter was Daniel Bryan. He gave a speech that caught my attention. May it be the old Daniel Bryan or the new Daniel Bryan. A good contender is a good contender. More over my top two favorites, Daniel Bryan & Kofi Kingston (from new day) stood till end putting one hell of a show.
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    • Author: Forcestalker
    I went into Elimination Chamber assuming the worst, this is generally the last stop before Wrestlemania so very little usually happens. I was mistaken, this was actually slightly less predictable than I thought.

    Now I'm not going to break this down because then it goes into spoiler territory. I'll do nothing but clipnotes.

    The kickoff was predictable and as with most 205 stuff, nobody really cared.

    The historic women's tag team inaugural elimination chamber match was entertaining enough, but again it was predictable yet this time it was justifiably so.

    Miz & McMahon vs the Uso's was less predictable, I didn't see the finale coming and quite frankly I don't understand the decision. The match was quick but passable stuff.

    The intercontinental championship saw a demotion for Balor from competing for the Universal Championship to the midcard and against two guys I simply cannot abide. Passable stuff if only for the finale.

    Ruby vs Ronda was the definition of predictable and to an extent I didn't even expect. Absolutely heartbreaking stuff that was made marginally better by what happened afterwards. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Corbin vs Strowman existed only to build up to whatever match combination they choose for Wrestlemania. Passable stuff, but a mere stepping stone.

    The main event had one of those rare opportunities to do something the fans really wanted, to do something historic, to do something that would make the world get on its feet and cry with elation. This is WWE, so they didn't. Instead we had a gutsy enjoyable enough main event but I still think the womens tag match should have taken the spot.

    So the ppv was better than I expected but as usual WWE's glaring flaws damaged it detrimentally.

    The Good:

    Womens Elimination Chamber match

    Not as predictable as expected

    The Bad:

    Stupidly padded chamber

    Historic match shouldn't have opened the show

    Shane McMahon, seriously can he stop wrestling please

    The women's title bout

    One of the biggest missed opportunities in WWE history
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Bryan Danielson Bryan Danielson - Daniel Bryan
    Kofi Kingston Kofi Kingston - Kofi Kingston
    Randy Orton Randy Orton - Randy Orton
    A.J. Styles A.J. Styles - AJ Styles
    Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy - Jeff Hardy
    Joe Seanoa Joe Seanoa - Samoa Joe
    Sasha Banks Sasha Banks - Sasha Banks
    Pamela Martinez Pamela Martinez - Bayley
    Daria Berenato Daria Berenato - Sonya Deville
    Amanda Saccomanno Amanda Saccomanno - Mandy Rose
    Savelina Fanene Savelina Fanene - Nia Jax
    Sarona Snuka Sarona Snuka - Tamina
    Gionna Daddio Gionna Daddio - Liv Morgan
    Sarah Bridges Sarah Bridges - Sarah Logan
    Cassie McIntosh Cassie McIntosh - Peyton Royce
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