» » Window Washers (1925)

Short summary

Farmer Al Falfa's car comes to life and sprays oil on his window before driving away. Al Falfa now needs a window washer. A cat, using a mouse as a washrag, takes the job.
A cat and mouse are out for a ride in their automobile. A motorcycle cop, who is able to transform himself into a spider in order to secretly observe speeders, spots them and takes chase. They escape him by throwing the chassis in his path and rolling away on the wheels. Meanwhile, Farmer Al Falfa tries to fix a flat tire on his anthropomorphic car, which kicks him when he isn't looking. Once he is on the road again, he loses control of his car, which attacks a police officer and eats him. The car throws Al Falfa out in front of his house and sprays oil on him and his window before riding away. Al Falfa goes inside and uses a watering can to give his fish a shower. The cat and mouse pass by and see the sign on Al Falfa's house: "Window Washers Wanted." The cat uses the mouse as a washrag and begins washing the oily window. The mouse takes revenge on the cat by throwing a pail of water over him. The cat takes chase, but a large group of mice chase him away. For good measure, they chase...

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