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Short summary

Matt and Jay befriend a sick kid to use his final wish to ask for Nirvanna the Band to play the Rivoli. They wind up showing him the time of his life, but will time run out?

The animated opening contains many hidden references:

  • The first shot includes a GO Station, which is a public transportation network in Ontario, and a reference to the beginning of levels in the "Scott Pilgrim" video game, which begin with a "GO" message.
  • The first building the boys pass is the bank from Nirvanna the Band the Show: The Bank (2017) episode.
  • The second building is Jupiter, a defunct Queen street head shop that the web series' apartment was above. The front door of their web series' apartment has been boarded up, but still has some pumpkins outside of the door.
  • The third building is A&C Games from Nirvanna the Band the Show: The Boost (2017).
  • The fourth building is 401 Games, a board game shop in Toronto. Stuck to the window of the front display is a tiny Magic: The Gathering poster (the five elements arranged in a circle on a black background), which is a reference to the web series. On the shelves are many references to Steven Universe, including Rose Quartz's Sword and Shield, and the gems of all the characters introduced up until this episode's air date (including Bismuth).
  • The streetcar that passes by in that exact frame has a destination of "HOTH", a planet from Star Wars (and a reference to Nirvanna the Band the Show: The Blindside (2017)).
  • The fifth building is the Mandarin restaurant, from Nirvanna the Band the Show: The Buffet (2017).
  • The sixth building is the ROM (the Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto. The exhibit on the posters on the front of the building is for Megg & Mogg, an independent Australian comic book.
  • The seventh building is the Royal Theatre in Toronto, a reference to Nirvanna the Band the Show: The Big Time (2017). On the marquee are two films that center around Toronto: Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996) and Scott Pilgrim kontra świat (2010).
  • As the boys pass by the theatre, the Queen Street strangler's truck is parked by the road, with a snow shovel in the back (a reference to Nirvanna the Band the Show: The Bean (2017)).
  • The eighth building is the now defunct Honest Ed's from Nirvanna the Band the Show: The Bean (2017) which collapses into the Earth.
  • As Honest Ed's collapses, the CN Tower takes off in the background.
  • Micheal ricochets off of a TTC sign, a public transport in Toronto used by the main characters.
  • After the titles, Jay rides around on a keyboard slope, a reference to the Music Park levels in Mario Kart.

Episode credited cast:
Matt Johnson Matt Johnson - Matt
Jay McCarrol Jay McCarrol - Jay
Jared Raab Jared Raab - Himself
Michael Tavares Michael Tavares - Michael
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