» » Placer y martirio (2015)

Short summary

After the quarantine Delfina, a businesswoman who runs a design company is facing a phase of dissatisfaction in her life, despite having a comfortable life with her husband, Javier and her teenage daughter, Micaela. A friend introduces her to Kamil, a supposed Arab businessman, who works with finance. Soon she will start an affair with him, with which she will let her libido free rein. He will begin to manipulate her in such a way that she will enter a roulette of physical decline and degradation.

Cast overview:
Natacha Mendez Natacha Mendez - Delfina
Rodolfo Ávalos Rodolfo Ávalos - Kamil
Juan Bautista Carreras Juan Bautista Carreras - Javier / Delfina's husband
Aldana Carretino Aldana Carretino - Micaela / Delfina's daughter
Myrian Agüero Myrian Agüero - Mirta / Maid
María Laura Sobrino María Laura Sobrino - Alejandra / Delfina's friend
Paula Napolitano Paula Napolitano - Jimena / Delfina's friend
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