» » Giuseppe Verdi nella vita e nella gloria (1913)

Short summary

Giuseppe Verdi was born in the little village of Roncola, Italy, during the stormy period of a revolution. Verdi's parents are forced to seek refuge in a church, and upon their return to their home, they find that the house has been ransacked and nothing spared. The young Verdi grows up in Roncola, and at the age of seven years displays his love for music. He goes daily to the church, where he is attracted by the beautiful tunes of the organ, and he watches the old organist with intense interest. Verdi's father, realizing his son's musical instincts, buys him an old spinet, and upon this instrument young Verdi commences his rise in the world of music. To further advance in his studies, Verdi leaves Roncola and goes to Buzzeto where he is cordially received by the Barezzi, who endeavor to help him. He leaves for Milan, to join the Conservatory, but he is met with a refusal to his request for admission. He returns to Buzzeto and is consoled by the kind people with whom he lives, ...

Cast overview, first billed only:
Egisto Cecchi Egisto Cecchi - Carlo Verdi
Annita Archetti-Vecchioni Annita Archetti-Vecchioni - Luigia Utini
Elda Bruni Elda Bruni - Magherita Barezzi
Anacleto De Negri Anacleto De Negri - Giuseppe Verdi, 7 anni
Sirio Defronal Sirio Defronal - Giuseppe Verdi
Raffaele Magistri Raffaele Magistri - Vecchio musicista
Ettore Moretti Ettore Moretti - Pietro Braistocchi
Egidio Brandi Egidio Brandi - Antonio Barezzi
Mario Tito Mario Tito - Gaetano Donizetti
Wladimiro De Liguoro Wladimiro De Liguoro - Vincenzo Bellini
Olga Fleuriel Olga Fleuriel - Giuseppina Strepponi
Evelina Sandri Evelina Sandri - Gilda
O. Paolucci O. Paolucci - Rigoletto
Ida Savoldi Ida Savoldi - Azucena
Ines Regina Ines Regina - Aida
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