» » Scare Pewdiepie Let's Play Doctor (2016– )

Short summary

Pewdiepie takes the trip to the doctors to see if he is capable and well enough to participate in the shows scares and frights, but what he doesn't know is that the crazy things that happen there are all part of the first assignment.

Episode credited cast:
Danny Downey Danny Downey - Homeless Man
Mary Gallagher Mary Gallagher - Psychologist
Rabbi Glickman Rabbi Glickman - Uncle Walter
Sven Holmberg Sven Holmberg - Larry the Patient
Gary Kasper Gary Kasper - Guard #1
Felix Kjellberg Felix Kjellberg - PewDiePie
Ariel Llinas Ariel Llinas - Guard #2
Nikki McKenzie Nikki McKenzie - Stalker
Cathy Shim Cathy Shim - Nurse Kathie
David Storrs David Storrs - Producer Kevin
Jonathan Craig Williams Jonathan Craig Williams - Dr. Winters
Damon Zwicker Damon Zwicker - Pewdiepie's Producer
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