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    • Author: Bloodray
    this TV show with Loco Valdez always show singers,dancers comedian acts and the best of all the Vedettes(exotic Mexican dancers)like Rossy Mendoza,Yolanda Lievana(who also co host and be a regular Vedette in almost 250 episodes),Merle Uribe,Grace Renat,Princesa Lea,Iris Cristal,Olga Breeskin,Jenny Nelson,Thelma Tixou,Rossela,Brissa,Claudia Tate,Marina Dorell(in over 120 episodes) and many others. The complete TV show cast are: Jorge Alberto Riancho,Sandra Duarte,Ursula Pratts,Elizabeth Aguilar,Kippy Casado(when Manuel Valdes cant host)the Pablo Beltran Ruiz orchestra and the K2 robots in season 2.The show is one of the best late 70s shows(July 1977 to October 1979). And the style is a studio decoration who seems a house or a lobby hotel and Loco(crazy)Valdes made jokes of practically all and use cast members to made his jokes in the late 70s this show was very strong because the jokes was for adults and the clothes of the exotic actress and dancers are very tiny. I see this show every night(even in that time i have 9 years old)so if this show exist in DVD,don't forget buy it.highly recommended.rated with a 10 qualification
  • Series cast summary:
    Yolanda Liévana Yolanda Liévana - Singer, vedette / - 9 episodes, 1977-1978
    Gualberto Castro Gualberto Castro - Singer 6 episodes, 1977
    Marina Dorel Marina Dorel - Singer, vedette / - 6 episodes, 1977
    Rossy Mendoza Rossy Mendoza - Vedette 6 episodes, 1977
    Manolo Muñoz Manolo Muñoz - Singer 6 episodes, 1977
    Lyn May Lyn May - Vedette 5 episodes, 1977
    Grace Renat Grace Renat - Vedette 5 episodes, 1977
    Carmen Salinas Carmen Salinas - Comedian 5 episodes, 1977
    Hugo Avendaño Hugo Avendaño - Singer 4 episodes, 1977
    Cristina Campos Cristina Campos - Vedette 4 episodes, 1977
    Iris Cristal Iris Cristal - Vedette 4 episodes, 1977
    Victor Iturbe Victor Iturbe - Singer / - 4 episodes, 1977
    Carlos Lico Carlos Lico - Singer 4 episodes, 1977
    Wanda Seux Wanda Seux - Vedette 4 episodes, 1977
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