» » Neighbours Episode #1.5509 (1985– )

Short summary

Ned and Mickey pack to live in Perth at least for the duration of Kirstie's skin treatment. When Angus tells Rachel his release is postponed because his father no longer offers the required steady home, she promises help. Zeke is worried sick. Susan refuses to take him in, but finds with Harold's help a Salvo flat. The kids are amused to see Harold and Kate tidy his camper up, 'cleaning' it for his northern travel leg. Kate eagerly agrees to join him, but insists on planing every detail, which he refuses. Didge said her mother was as bad a Nicola and injured her leg storming out. Dan agreed to take Steve in, but won't take Didge there. Declan gets her 'recovering' in his room.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Stefan Dennis Stefan Dennis - Paul Robinson
Pippa Black Pippa Black - Elle Robinson
Jackie Woodburne Jackie Woodburne - Susan Kinski
Alan Fletcher Alan Fletcher - Dr. Karl Kennedy (credit only)
Caitlin Stasey Caitlin Stasey - Rachel Kinski
Matthew Werkmeister Matthew Werkmeister - Zeke Kinski
Sam Clark Sam Clark - Ringo Brown
Blake O'Leary Blake O'Leary - Ben Kirk (credit only)
Dean Geyer Dean Geyer - Ty Harper (credit only)
Natalie Hoflin Natalie Hoflin - Carmella Cammeniti (as Natalie Blair)
David Hoflin David Hoflin - Oliver Barnes (credit only)
Brett Tucker Brett Tucker - Daniel Fitzgerald
Dan O'Connor Dan O'Connor - Ned Parker (as Daniel O'Connor)
Fletcher O'Leary Fletcher O'Leary - Mickey Gannon
Nikki Coghill Nikki Coghill - Miranda Parker
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