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A rare look at Led Zeppelin, from their humble beginnings to their status as rock gods. Take a journey where incredible heights and extreme lows helped forge one of the greatest rock bands ever.

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    • Author: Worla
    I believe, to avoid paying licensing fees, the makers of this documentary removed any audio of actual Led Zeppelin songs. There are some interesting interviews and old footage but the background music is horrible. The most surreal moment comes when you're watching footage of Led Zeppelin and the riff for Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell" starts playing (but it's not actually Pink Floyd either.) There are a few drunk cover band quality clips of Led Zeppelin songs. A very odd viewing experience. There are a number of moments when if feels like you're watching a St. Sanders "Led Zeppelin Shreds" video. A very strange viewing experience.
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    • Author: Boraston
    Overall, a really insightful look into the band. Always good to hear these anecdotes right from band members. I've been into them for 30+ years now & even I walked away with some new info. The only negative for me- the absence of actual LZ music within. & I get why; $$£. But it would've made it that much better. It was frustrating seeing all this amazing footage of them with generic Zepp riffs playing in the background minus any vocals.

    Definitely recommended for any LZ fan, but a great entry level intro for the newbie.
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    • Author: Nikobar
    Led Zeppelin: Dazed & Confused (2009)

    *** (out of 4)

    If you're looking for an all out rocking documentary on Led Zeppelin then you're not going to find it here. What you get here is a rather cheap and quick look at who the band were, how they got together and we hear some stories about their rise to fame and their eventual end when their drummer died. At less than an hour there's really nothing too detailed here as we're basically given information that even the smallest Zeppelin fan should know. We learn about The Yardbirds, how the band formed, being influenced by the blues and then we hear about their manager, the U.S. tours, the various drug issues and of course the end. Most fans of the band are already going to know this stuff and much, much more so that's why they will probably be most disappointed. If you're not familiar with the band or are just going to know them then I think this documentary will work because it will at least give you some basic information and then you can go out there and search for more detailed stuff. There's no Zeppelin music played but we do get some behind the scenes footage, which was nice but we certainly needed more of it.
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    • Author: IWantYou
    Led Zeppelin was undoubtedly one of the greatest rock bands of all time. For nearly a decade they dominated the music industry; releasing 9 albums and selling over 300 million records worldwide. Their music has influenced the shape of rock and heavy metal for generations. There can be no doubting the importance of this super-group. Comprised of four indomitable characters, the chemistry between band members was electric; often competing with each other and continually forcing themselves to greater heights. The results were phenomenal with rip-roaring vocals and intense guitar solos that were the hallmark of a Led Zeppelin track. Follow the exciting story of Led Zeppelin from their formation out of The Yardbirds in 1968, to the band s dissolution after the tragic demise of drummer John Bonham in 1980 and beyond. With performance footage of the group throughout their career and interviews with the band both past and present this programme presents a unique biographic picture of Led Zeppelin. Packed with archive footage, performances and rare interviews this DVD is perfect for any fan.
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    Peter Grant Peter Grant - Himself
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    Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin
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