» » Storia di karatè, pugni e fagioli (1973)

Short summary

Sam and Buddy, two highway robbers, join with Colonel Quint, a big crook, who sold his services to Morgan, the banker, in order to free Baby, the banker's daughter, abducted by Espartero and his killers gang. A plan to 'sell' fake dollars to Espartero goes awry, but the two sons of the forger join Quint, and so does Mokaiko, a brave Japanese cook. The rag-tag band of Quinlan meets Espartero in several scraps, and then a climactic confrontation. All are ugly, bad, and dirty (except Baby), and fight accordingly.

Credited cast:
Dean Reed Dean Reed - Sam
Cris Huerta Cris Huerta - Buddy Piccolo (as Chris Huerta)
Iwao Yoshioka Iwao Yoshioka - Moikako Fujibashi
Alfredo Mayo Alfredo Mayo - Colonel Randolf Quint
Pino Ferrara Pino Ferrara - Judge Angus McLeod
Sal Borgese Sal Borgese - Ken Goldenhand
Ángel Aranda Ángel Aranda - Clint Goldenhand
Luis Induni Luis Induni - Sheriff
Renato Malavasi Renato Malavasi - Morgan
Fernando Sancho Fernando Sancho - Espartero
Carla Mancini Carla Mancini
Dante Cleri Dante Cleri - Farmer
Francesca Romana Coluzzi Francesca Romana Coluzzi - 'Baby' Morgan
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Antonio Almorós Antonio Almorós
Irene D'Astrea Irene D'Astrea - Concha
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