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    • Author: Akinozuru
    Now I know why it didn't fair well at the box office. I regret I bought the DVD looking at Mohanlal!

    Dude, the movie becomes so interesting from the second minute that you know your neighbor acts well than the actress.

    Sibi Malayil should've chosen a better plot rather Mohanlal do this piece of boring cinema. The music is good but since the plot is too cheesy, it goes haywire at times!

    Flash is technically not a cinema but a gimmick and here is why you should MISS it:

    --> This Is NOT A CINEMA! No plot, no screenplay, no sense! Pure cinema making, NOT!
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    • Author: Goltigor
    Below average film with a below average acting and a predictable plot. Mohanlal was lack luster at best, the reason could be that he has already acted in similar movies where the heroine is mentally disturbed and he is trying to unravel the mental mysteries. The grandfather was too young to justify the role. His physique was apparent from the onset of the movie. Dhwani's inexperience was glaring. There wasn't much creativity in the dialogs either, same old dialogs being recycled. As far as the mystery is concerned, there wasn't any, because the director decided to go on the old beaten path. Directors and the writers in the past underplay and underexpose the true villain. All you need to do is follow the bread crumbs and you will know the villain within a few minutes of the crime occurring. Unfortunately for us audiences, Mr.Malayil(Director) decided to go the same way. All in all a thumbs down from me.
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    • Author: Mullador
    After hearing so much news of this film flopping badly , I was expecting a bad movie. Also seeing the music video with Notebook Parvathi for the one song , where Mohanlal looked more like the father than the lover was expecting even worse. But I was surprised that the movie was not too bad. Malayalam movies with thrillers or supernatural always catch my interest (Manichithrathazhu, Vismayathumbathu, Devadoothan) . Thought some of the ideas have been rehashed and Mohanlal has played similar characters before the movie still kept suspense till end. Also the video song mentioned above with Parvathi makes sense once you watch the movie (they are not lovers). The worst part was the movie seemed to really drag in places and the story did not flow smoothly. The movie is good for a one time watch though it won't be as memorable like the movie titles listed before.
  • Credited cast:
    Mohanlal Mohanlal - Dr. Mithun Madhavan
    Parvathy Parvathy - Dhwani (as Parvathi)
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Byon Byon - Balu
    Jagadish Jagadish
    Salim Kumar Salim Kumar
    Murali Murali
    Saikumar Saikumar
    Siddique Siddique
    Jagathi Sreekumar Jagathi Sreekumar
    Indrajith Sukumaran Indrajith Sukumaran - Priyan (as Indrajith)
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