» » Erotic Green (2015)

Short summary

After an argument with his girlfriend, Max goes looking for a strip club in the dark side of London, before stumbling upon a mysterious club named 'Erotic Green'. Upon leaving the club, Max encounters one of the club's performers, Blonde Thunder, who tares an alien-like egg out from inside her abdomen and begs Max to destroy it. But, whoever possesses the egg possesses the power of ultimate sexual attraction, and Max can't resist taking it home to his girlfriend... When they discover the side effects of the egg are more deadly than they could have imagined the couple are forced to venture back to Erotic Green where they must uncover its hideous conspiracy and put and end to the horror.

Credited cast:
Kate Adams Kate Adams - Grace
Lenn Blasse Lenn Blasse - The Bouncer
Edward Carlton Edward Carlton - Max
Sam Lane Sam Lane - The Creature
Charlotte Roest-Ellis Charlotte Roest-Ellis - Blonde Thunder
Jackson Wright Jackson Wright - The M.C
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