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On her way home in a plane to New York, the teenage Sarah gets very ill. She realizes too late that it's more than a cold and with her parents still on vacation, she breaks down in the middle of the street and dies shortly after in a hospital -- by the plague, as the terrified coroners find out. While trying to keep this from the public to avoid a panic, epidemic commissioner Dr. Nora Hart has to investigate Sarah's identity and find everyone who had contact with her. If she misses a single person, the plague could kill half the city in a few days!

Ths film was set to premiere in January 1992 but was postponed due to the State of the Union Address.

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    • Author: Scream_I LOVE YOU
    As an epidemiologist, I say any movie that features an epidemiologist as heroine can't be all bad!

    Actually, the disease scenario -- pneumonic plague spread person-to-person in a crowded city after introduction by a traveler just back from California, where she came into contact with a plague-infected ground squirrel -- is not implausible. Indeed this is the kind of scenario that bioterrorism planning is designed to detect, respond to and control. The best scene in the movie is the one in which the mayor's assistant -- this is 1991, mind you -- confidently looks in the city's emergency plan for the section on how to deal with epidemics and finds -- nothing. I like the way the movie shows the public health workers as dedicated, taking personal risks (as so many health care workers did to care for people with SARS), and ethical. What is particularly unrealistic is the way the public health workers can just walk into a hospital and start managing patients.

    Also, this is the most wooden performance ever by Jerry Orbach in a minor role.
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    • Author: Vinainl
    I was pleasantly surprised by this flim. Kate Jackson was a bit wooden, but overall the acting was pretty good. The scenes early on when the young woman becomes ill, and eventually succumbs, were great. It is horrifying to think what would actually happen if a plague like this really struck a large city like New York. And SARS is nothing compared to what this sort of epidemic would be like. It seemed to be well researched, and the reactions of the poeple involved seemed realistic.

    *** out of five
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    • Author: Akir
    This is a fantastic television movie! I saw this actually in school. It was shown by our science teacher when we were talking about diseases. As i remember it, it was well acted, and well written. If you liked Outbreak then you should like this. The basic plot is a group of scientists trying to stop the spreading of the plague.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Kate Jackson Kate Jackson - Dr. Nora Hart
    Al Waxman Al Waxman - Mayor Andy Carmichael
    Jeffrey Nordling Jeffrey Nordling - Dr. Jake Prescott
    Chip Zien Chip Zien - Dr. Lionel Katz
    Barbara Williams Barbara Williams - Charlene
    David Hewlett David Hewlett - Nyles Chapman
    Jerry Orbach Jerry Orbach - Dr. Vincent Califano
    Howard Hesseman Howard Hesseman - Calvin Phillips
    Alma Martinez Alma Martinez - Dolores
    Tom Mardirosian Tom Mardirosian - Kaprow
    Kathleen Robertson Kathleen Robertson - Sara Dobbs
    Luis Guzmán Luis Guzmán - Adelaido (as Luis Guzman)
    Kristina Nicoll Kristina Nicoll - Dr. Lipsky
    Michael Copeman Michael Copeman - Limo Driver
    Philip Akin Philip Akin - Dr. Henshaw
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