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Ballerina's final performance watched over by the Spirit of Dance with empathy while the Cowboy is called out of the Old West into the Contemporary World rescuing her from the apathy of an audience.
Image driven and metaphorical art film; A ballerina's last performance is watched over by the Spirit of Dance with empathy while the cowboy of her childhood dreams who is called out of the Old West by an unseen force to the Contemporary World, and rescues her from the apathy of an audience who cannot understand what it means to no longer be able to live your passions.

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The Cowboy and The Ballerina, because it has no dialogue, was donated by Mark Joseph Isham to schools for the deaf across the United States. Additionally he donated the film to numerous libraries and was invited to speak to students at a middle school in Tucson, Arizona about film production. During the screening of The Cowboy and The Ballerina in Cripple Creek Colorado, Mark Joseph Isham (director/writer/producer) were invited to go horse back riding on world rodeo champion Larry Mahan's ranch along with actor Barry Corbin. There was one scene with dialogue in the original cut of the film. After very difficult deliberation, it was decided to cut the scene from the final film in order to keep the no dialogue continuity and flow of the piece. The scene involved a brief conversation between "Kitty" the bartender in the lobby of the Orpheum Theater and the Cowboy before he enters the theater. Mark Joseph Isham died on the mountain with the red carpet when the cowboy rides his horse down the amphitheater stairs on December 21, 2014.

Cast overview:
Todd Tesen Todd Tesen - The Cowboy
Bonnie Rich Bonnie Rich - The Ballerina
Gayle K. Kiviat Gayle K. Kiviat - The Ghost of the Ballet
Karol Cooper Karol Cooper - Heated Woman in Audience
John Krakora John Krakora - Heated Woman's Husband
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