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    • Author: Jack
    This film is raw and viseral to the core. It makes you shiver while you are watching it. More consumate and realized than Flaming creatures. Simple in construction but timeless and resonate as a final product. It's awe inspiring. If you ever have the chance to see this at a film festival, do so.
  • Credited cast:
    Tally Brown Tally Brown
    Tosh Carillo Tosh Carillo
    Doris Desmond Doris Desmond
    Charles Henri Ford Charles Henri Ford - Lady Dracula
    Bill Fortenberry Bill Fortenberry
    Francis Francine Francis Francine
    Piero Heliczer Piero Heliczer
    Donna Kerness Donna Kerness
    Nancy King Nancy King
    Robert Lavigne Robert Lavigne
    Gerard Malanga Gerard Malanga
    Joel Markman Joel Markman
    Gay Martini Gay Martini
    Mario Montez Mario Montez
    Irving Rosenthal Irving Rosenthal
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