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An alien king sends two of his most loyal--and, as it turns out, stupidest--subjects to Earth to find him a queen to help rule his planet.

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    • Author: Kitaxe
    More lame nonsense from Robert Emenegger, a guy who spent the years around 1980 churning out one zero budget sci-fi flick after another. The problem is, Emenegger is no Don Dohler, and his films lack the one thing crucial for a successful movie: entertainment value.

    THE PERFECT WOMAN is a supposedly comic story about a couple of aliens who come to Earth in a bid to pick up the perfect woman. In that respect it's similar to the likes of MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE and EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY, but it's even cheaper and less funny than the likes of those movies.

    Instead this is a bargain basement offering with zero laughs, shot in somebody's house somewhere in California. The outer space effects are truly pathetic and like something out of THE CLANGERS. If you watch closely you'll see Cameron Mitchell embarrassing himself as an alien. When the action shifts to Earth, the acting is a little better, but the comedy really is dire and best forgotten - like this film!
  • Complete credited cast:
    Fred Willard Fred Willard - King Kroger
    Joanne Nail Joanne Nail - Julie
    Peter Kastner Peter Kastner - Zig
    Barry Gordon Barry Gordon - Emo
    Cameron Mitchell Cameron Mitchell - Mordo
    Marie Windsor Marie Windsor - Zelda
    Rudy Vallee Rudy Vallee - Tock
    Ronnie Schell Ronnie Schell - The Agent
    Paul Keith Paul Keith - Prince Edward
    Barbara Minkus Barbara Minkus - Mizo
    Donna Ponterotto Donna Ponterotto
    Angela Aames Angela Aames
    Wayne Heffley Wayne Heffley
    L. Michael Drummond L. Michael Drummond
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