» » I (Almost) Got Away with It Got a Boyfriend to Support (2010– )

Short summary

In jail for fraud, Steven Russell falls in love with inmate Philip Morris. When Morris is released, Russell is desperate to be reunited. He escapes from jail with elaborate cons. Once out, the two live a lavish life, supported by scams that alert the FBI.

Episode credited cast:
Scot Bordrick Scot Bordrick - Steven Russell
Zachary Culbertson Zachary Culbertson - Philly Cop
Vicki Damante Vicki Damante - Reporter
Quint Gabriel Quint Gabriel - Prisioner 2 (as Matt Bingham)
Kenley Gaffke Kenley Gaffke - Police Detective
Deanna Gandy Deanna Gandy - Secretary
Jimmy Giliberti Jimmy Giliberti - Prison Guard
Mike Guerra Mike Guerra - Palm Trace Cop
Brian Jagger Brian Jagger - Arresting US Marshall
Samuel London Samuel London - Det. Jenkins (as Ric Ramey)
Deanna Marks Deanna Marks - Nurse Jacobs
Jeff Moore Jeff Moore - Ceo
Bill Ratner Bill Ratner - Narrator
Shane Silveira Shane Silveira - Prison Guard
Michael T Stewart Michael T Stewart - Prison Doctor
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