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Legitimate to some, frauds to a growing many and social outcasts to everyone but themselves, the team at G&B Monster Agency (Go, Piper and Voice-Box), a low rent monster hunting business, are what you might call a dysfunctional "family". Although filled with constant bickering, G&B Monster Agency runs like a well-oiled machine. Positions are understood and Go's leadership is almost always filtered by Voice-Box and questioned by Piper. It's clockwork, childish and bizarre clockwork, but clockwork none-the-less. But when Luke, a 25-year-old orphan joins the trio's ranks in hopes of avenging his monster-murdered father, the team's chemistry is quickly thrown out of whack and their faltering creditability takes a steep nose-dive. To make matters worse, the team must also deal with Police Chief Frank Sargeant, a man hell bent on discrediting the team and having them exiled from their hometown of Bith County. Yet, in the face of their personal predicaments and the seemingly endless hordes ...

Series cast summary:
Alan Catlin Alan Catlin - Go 1 episode, 2011
Jenny Raven Jenny Raven - Piper 1 episode, 2011
Andre Sills Andre Sills - Voice Box 1 episode, 2011
Kyle Buchanan Kyle Buchanan - Luke 1 episode, 2011
Randy Thomas Randy Thomas - Frank Sargeant 1 episode, 2011
Kassandra Santos Millen Kassandra Santos Millen - Medusa 1 episode, 2011
Michelle Leduc Catlin Michelle Leduc Catlin - Raggedy Hag 1 episode, 2011
Alexander Engel Alexander Engel - Young Boy Pilot 1 episode, 2011
Ariyena Sorani Ariyena Sorani - Little Girl 1 episode, 2011
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