» » Karma: A Love Story (2007)

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"Karma", loosely based on William Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" , is a tale of love, betrayal, and friendship. "Karma" explores love and how it can easily lead to hatred. It's a story of two friends, one rich and one poor, who live in Guyana. They both fall in love with the same girl, unbeknownst to the other. When they do find out that they love the same woman it causes their friendship to end in the most brutal way. Years later, their children end up falling in love with each other, but the hatred that these men have for each other overpower that love and lead to their children's imminent death. Only after the death of their children do they realize that their sins from the past came back to haunt them through their children's demise.

Credited cast:
Debbie Ann Pustam Debbie Ann Pustam - Callie
Mahadeo Shivraj Mahadeo Shivraj - Raj
Alisha Persaud Alisha Persaud - Sick Mother
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Julian Conde Julian Conde - Paris
Ramesh Deochand Ramesh Deochand - Malisha's Father
Michael Diaz Michael Diaz - Cop
Nazim Hussain Nazim Hussain - K.J. Father
Trevolta Karran Trevolta Karran - Jon Persaud
Edward Mahadeo Edward Mahadeo - Ram
Radhica Olarte Radhica Olarte - Jon's Mother
Shundell Prasad Shundell Prasad - Malisha
Gabriel Santos Gabriel Santos - Drug Dealer
Kishore Seunarine Kishore Seunarine - J.P.
Buddy Singh Buddy Singh - K.J.
Frankie Sooknanan Frankie Sooknanan - Genie
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