» » Sally and Chica Modesty vs. Arrogance (2012– )

Short summary

Lily invites her older brother, and her nephew, along with Daphne, an unexpected visitor. Momentarily, Daphne does not get along with Bella nor any of the "uncool" people.

First appearances of Owen Gray, Daphne Nelson, and Ashton Smith.

First episode to have Bellatrix voiced by Tiffany instead of Aurelia

Episode cast overview:
Aurelia Aurelia - Sally / Chica (voice)
Keiko Keiko - Lily (voice)
Mason Mason - Remy (voice) (as Mason [HedgehogChaos])
Ian Ian - Owen (voice) (as Ian [Cinder222])
Elizbetto Elizbetto - Daphne (voice) (as Elizbetto)
Tiffany Tiffany - Bellatrix (voice)
Cole Chedmomo Cole Chedmomo - Ashton (voice)
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