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Sifting through writings, relics and ruins, historians piece together the time before, during and after the Roman invasion of Britain.
They decimated cities while building new ones in their destructive path. They killed thousands while bringing civilization to the remaining population. Rome's British invasion and nearly 400-hundred-year rule was a paradoxical campaign of annihilation and growth. This three-part exploration of the Roman Empire's occupation of Britain examines why they attacked, where they conquered, how they industrialized and exploited the land and what made them vulnerable to the revolt that signaled the ultimate fall of Rome.

Series cast summary:
Bettany Hughes Bettany Hughes - Herself - Presenter 3 episodes, 2009
Mali Tudno Jones Mali Tudno Jones 3 episodes, 2009
Campbell Foster Campbell Foster - Aulus Plautius 3 episodes, 2009
John Davies John Davies - Himself 3 episodes, 2009
Guy de la Bédoyère Guy de la Bédoyère - Himself 3 episodes, 2009
Kate M. Gilliver Kate M. Gilliver - Herself 3 episodes, 2009
David Mattingly David Mattingly - Himself 3 episodes, 2009
Paul Sealey Paul Sealey - Himself 3 episodes, 2009
Simon Howells Simon Howells 2 episodes, 2009
Robert Gwyn Davin Robert Gwyn Davin - Caratacus 2 episodes, 2009
Gareth Davies Gareth Davies 2 episodes, 2009
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