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Short summary

Ezra and the crew begin to develop friendships with Captain Rex and his colleagues, prompting them to work together against an attack by Agent Kallus.

The design of the AT-AT is not the same as the ones seen in The Empire Strikes Back, but rather a hybrid of early illustrations for the vehicle by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston.

The interior of the Clone's AT-TE has a decal for Coruscant's Clone nightclub '79s' seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Orders (2014) and a pin-up of Senator Padmé Amidala that was used as Gunship cone nose art seen in the unfinished episode Star Wars: The Clone Wars: A Distant Echo (2015).

The design of the Fifth Brother Inquisitor was inspired by unused artwork generated for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) by concept artist Christian Alzmann. The book "The Art of Star Wars The Force Awakens" explains that reveals it was Alzmann's first attempt at drawing a new 'Sith' villain at the very start of the concept phase began at Lucasfilm in early 2013, when the script was still in the first stages of development.

First appearance of Rex and Ahsoka together since the 5th season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008).

The Clone Troopers' AT-TE seems inspired visually by Howl's Moving Castle. From the way it walks to the chimney puffing out smoke from the side, like it is powered by a steam engine.

Ezra uses the expression 'We're sitting Mynocks on this thing'. The Earth expression from which this is derived, 'Sitting Ducks' was used by Captain Panaka in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999).

First appearance of the Fifth Brother.

When Rex confronts the AT-AT, the scene is similar to the Mutant Leader confronting the Bat-Tank in The Dark Knight Returns.

Rex gives Ezra his helmet to keep his eyes protected in in the storm, which shows Rex trusts the Jedi he's with.

The First Time Ahsoka Tano Has Seen Captian Rex In 15 Years.

Episode cast overview:
Taylor Gray Taylor Gray - Ezra Bridger (voice)
Vanessa Marshall Vanessa Marshall - Hera Syndulla (voice)
Freddie Prinze Jr. Freddie Prinze Jr. - Kanan Jarrus (voice)
Tiya Sircar Tiya Sircar - Sabine Wren (voice)
Steve Blum Steve Blum - Zeb Orrelios / Technician #1 / Technician #2 (voice)
Dave Filoni Dave Filoni - C1-10P a.k.a. 'Chopper' / AT-AT Pilot (voice) (as Dave Filoni) (as Chopper)
Dee Bradley Baker Dee Bradley Baker - Admiral Konstantine / Rex / Wolffe / Gregor (voice)
David Oyelowo David Oyelowo - Agent Kallus (voice)
Ashley Eckstein Ashley Eckstein - Ahsoka Tano (voice)
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez Philip Anthony-Rodriguez - Fifth Brother (voice)
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