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    • Author: Grosho
    Five people are gathered in a cafe ,because of a phone call they have all received.The plot thickens when they discover a dead body in a bedroom upstairs.The five people all become suspects .Oddly,they make friends and take a walk at the fair where an attraction shows "the biggest crimes in history" .And two of them get married.

    And the movie gets lost.The plot becomes meandering involving blackmail,gangsters and melodrama.Except for a rather breathtaking ending ,in the grand tradition of film noir,the story is too confused to be interesting.And the title (="the midnight tradition" ) remains a mystery to me.
  • Complete credited cast:
    Viviane Romance Viviane Romance - Clara Véry
    Georges Flamant Georges Flamant - Claude Thierry
    Marcel Dalio Marcel Dalio - Édouard Mutter, l'antiquaire (as Dalio)
    Marcel Pérès Marcel Pérès - Louis Fraipont, le boucher
    Mauricette Mercereau Mauricette Mercereau - Chéri-Bibi
    Alexandre Rignault Alexandre Rignault - Hortilopitz
    Pierre Larquey Pierre Larquey - Béatrix
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