» » McLeods Töchter On the Prowl (2001–2009)

Short summary

Riley discovers that Mitch is trading in stolen army weapons after getting a call from the police. The women of Drovers team up with the men from Killarney to hunt a dangerous beast that is killing stock - is it a wild dog, or something more exotic like a jaguar as Kate suspects? Meanwhile, Tayler and Patrick break into Phil's truck-stop to get their owed wages that he refuses to pay and discover something that Phil didn't want them to find.

Episode credited cast:
Simmone Mackinnon Simmone Mackinnon - Stevie Hall Ryan (as Simmone Jade Mackinnon)
Abi Tucker Abi Tucker - Grace Kingston McLeod
Matt Passmore Matt Passmore - Marcus Turner (as Matthew Passmore)
Michala Banas Michala Banas - Kate Manfredi
Gillian Alexy Gillian Alexy - Tayler Geddes
Luke Jacobz Luke Jacobz - Patrick Brewer
Dustin Clare Dustin Clare - Riley Ward
Doris Younane Doris Younane - Moira Doyle
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Chris Burckhardt Chris Burckhardt - Policeman #1
Peter Hardy Peter Hardy - Phil Rakich
Sam Healy Sam Healy - Ashleigh Redstaff
Callan Mulvey Callan Mulvey - Mitch Wahlberg
Matt Robertson Matt Robertson - Sgt Michael Hartmann
Sandy Winton Sandy Winton - Heath Barratt
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