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This featurette is on the DVD for Iskrype (2004).

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    • Author: Kesalard
    This is the shortest of the three featurettes on the DVD of Twisted, with a running time of a mere 7 minutes. It consists of behind the scenes footage, interviews and film clips. They talk about choosing San Francisco as the setting, a little bit about the Noir tone and how useful the city was for that aspect, and go over various of the specific locations. It's OK, but it's frankly not that compelling to watch. Maybe it's that it's not all that informative, or perhaps the fact that what we're told isn't all that interesting. I'm not sure. It just doesn't captivate. The pacing is OK. There are some anecdotes and the like, and they are frankly the most worthwhile part of this. The editing is good, and the hand-held camera isn't as annoying here as it can be, in documentaries and, arguably to a much greater extent, in pieces of fiction. Not a lot that is terribly impeccable is said here, by any of the talking heads. This does contain a spoiler or two, so keep that in mind. There isn't really anything offensive in this, apart from this production being bland and kind of "meh". I recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about the subject. 5/10
  • Credited cast:
    Jeanette Etheredge Jeanette Etheredge - Herself
    Andy Garcia Andy Garcia - Himself
    Samuel L. Jackson Samuel L. Jackson - Himself
    Peter Kaufman Peter Kaufman - Himself
    Philip Kaufman Philip Kaufman - Himself
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