» » Edaha no koto (2017)

Short summary

Ryutaro Ninomiya, 27 years old, lives a fairly simple life. He works at an auto-repair shop, reads books and drinks a few beers. One day, he receives a phone call from Yusuke, his childhood friend whose mother, Ryuko, is dying from Hepatitis C. Despite knowing for a while that Ryuko was sick, Ryutaro hasn't visited her, but today he decides to go.

Credited cast:
Yuki Hirose Yuki Hirose
Shinji Imaoka Shinji Imaoka
Tomoki Kimura Tomoki Kimura
Daiki Matsumoto Daiki Matsumoto
Yuki Miyoshi Yuki Miyoshi
Ryûtarô Ninomiya Ryûtarô Ninomiya
Tetsuo Ninomiya Tetsuo Ninomiya
Yasumi Yajima Yasumi Yajima
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