» » Britain's Darkest Taboos My Pregnant Daughter Was Strangled to Death by Her Boyfriend (2012– )

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On December 3, 2013, Ben Blakeley flew into a rage and strangled his teenage girlfriend Jayden Parkinson to death after she told him she was pregnant. He dumped the 17-year-old�۪s body in a ditch and then, a few days later, buried her in his uncle�۪s grave. Her body wasn�۪t found for more than two weeks. Jayden�۪s mother, Samantha Shrewsbury, tells us of her deep sense of loss and how she tried to get her daughter to end her violent and abusive relationship with evil Ben Blakeley. Former Detective Superintendent David Swindle and psychologist Emma Kenny examine the violent and abusive hold Blakeley had over Jayden and give us an insight into his twisted mind.

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